Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Elena meets Peter Facinelli. True story.

Elena over at Robsten Lovers took her kiddos in tow to meet Peter Facinelli at his book signing yesterday. Here are the basics- check out their site for the whole scoop:

We sat in line just around an hour or so and it went fast because of ridiculous conversation going on between us. It was also helpful when we befriended a security guard who thought my daughter was adorable. Shortly after making friendly with the guard guy, an Affliction store employee and another guard walk over and ask if we want to go straight into the store because Peter didn't want babies waiting in line.

This was the highlight of our trip, second only to meeting Peter himself. It literally saved us well over an hour standing in line. What made it funnier was that earlier, I had mentioned that I should take the baby with me to all Twilight events because her cute face could open doors that otherwise wouldn't have been open. Obviously, I was right.

Because there were so many people, he couldn't do "posed" photos, but we were allowed to take pics of him while we waited for autographs.

And, you can read my interview with Elena HERE!

Live stream- Peter Facinelli and Twitter bet

Remember that bet? Check out the live stream from 4-7pm and see the Single Ladies Dance!

Video: Rob on set yesterday in Yonkers

Robward's all semi-naked and brooding in "Love It"

Look what Emma at Twilight Treasury found yesterday (love her commentary- I had to keep it!) ;):

There I was innocently flicking through my weekly copy of 'love it', a british mag, when there I spy Rob all semi naked and brooding. Lets just say I didn't get much work done for the rest of the day! :) He took the number 1 spot in their 'Best Of British' article -

Finally- some Kellan Lutz info- want the good news or bad news first?

From Kellan Lutz Online:

The good news

Publisher, JUSTIN MITCHELL and SOCIAL LIFE MAGAZINE invite you to the sneak preview of the INDEPENDENCE DAY 2009 ISSUE of Social Life Magazine. HOSTED BY LYDIA HEARST & KELLAN LUTZ on Saturday, July 4, 2009.

Social Life Magazine delivers the epitome of luxury from the worlds of fashion, beauty, exclusive society events, weddings and travel, offering coverage of the opulent elements of society and social adventures in the Hamptons. The lifestyle publication captures the spirit and ambiance of the area’s most prestigious charity events, polo matches and galas. From their exclusive feature articles to their innovative portrayals of society events, Social Life Magazine keeps their readers in-the-know of what is elite and luxurious. Their exclusive and private guest-list for the sneak preview of the Independence Day 2009 Issue, hosted by socialite and model, Lydia Hearst and star of Twilight and 90210, Kellan Lutz, will include celebrities, socialites, jet-setters and taste-makers.

And now, the bad news for Twilight cruise goers:

TwilightFanCruise posted the following announcement.

We were just notified that due to a film commitment Kellan Lutz will not be able to sail on our Alaska Twilight Cruise in 2010. We will try to have him on our 2011 cruise. We have replaced Kellan with Alex Meraz who plays Paul in “New Moon”. Even though the actors have signed contracts to go on the cruise… they have the right to cancel due to a work commitment. We are currently working on signing two other actors so that we will have 4 on the cruise. Thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to a truly wondrous time in Alaska next summer.

Kellan's not going to be on the cruise?! What's next??


Eclipse production to begin August 17, and Rob's not reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid. sniff.

Their website also mentions "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," which happened to be my last read (I have a 10 year old, ok?)..... one more tear in my eye that RPattz and I are on completely different levels, cause he's reading books like the one discovered by LTR:

Rob showers AND reads...

Rob showers AND reads...

Dear Rob,

I saw the pictures of you holding a book recently and wondered to myself what you were reading. I figured I could blow up the picture & throw a little photoshop filter on to try and read the title myself, OR I could just tweet my question knowing someone’s probably already done the dirty work for me. (Moon & UC tip of the day, start a blog & get a lot of people to read it and then just ask THEM to do all the research for you- it’s a whole lotta fun)* Turns out I didn’t even have to tweet because the gals at Robsessed had someone figure it out for them!

Looks like you’re reading Independent People by Halldor Laxness. Like any good fan, I immediately went to Amazon to purchase the book. Ya know, just in case we end up in a bar together & need something to talk about other than what we’ll obviously be doing later that night (skyping with Kristen. duh) Although I am a good fan, I’m also frugal, and I wanted to make sure I was going to enjoy what I was spending my $10.85 on.

You might judge me now, but I thought the description of the book sounded like it sucks. Big time. I decided I wouldn’t admit that to the world or my friends, but would just pretend I never found out what book you were holding.

EastFriend: DO NOT attempt to read Independent People…just because Rob was carrying it. It is long. It is confusing. It is painful. It is arduous. It is BORING. If he’s trying to appear all mysterious and educated and cultured for reading it, he failed. Cause an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure.
I will write him a freakin’ letter…
Dear Rob,
Dude, get some Danielle Steele…Jackie Collins…James Patterson…or better yet, The Hunger Games. It’s freaking SUMMER. Time for smut, beach reads, and can’t-put-downables.
Love you,
The Reader (not that pervy The Reader, who molests 15 year old kids. Just so you know.)
a secret msg about rob
UC: I may have already googled it to see if it was a good read.
I fell asleep reading the description. I don’t think he’s pretentious. I really think he loves that book. I think he just might be boring. Let’s send him some Nicholas Sparks & naked pics of ourselves.
a secret msg about rob
EastFriend: I think he’s the opposite of pretentious…I really do. But this book? Why else in the heck would he even be giving it more than a cursory glance? Oh, Rob…you are so educated.
I don’t think he’s boring. He can’t be boring. He has a giggly girl laugh. No one who giggles like that is boring.
I’m down with the Sparks and naked pictures. But ONLY if we are HOLDING A Walk to Remember (the godliest of his books, of course!) WHILE naked.
a secret msg about rob
UC: let’s TAKE a walk to remember, naked WITH ryan gosling. I know he’s in The Notebook. but who cares. he’s hotter than the guy in a walk to remember (who i loved in college, bad)
a secret msg about rob
Moon: of course you loved shane west! who didn’t? especially when he was listened to jars of clay while working on the car!
ok just amazon-ed ‘independent people’- worst written synopsis ever.
got tons of 5 stars though… hmmmmm. maybe it’s for a new movie coming up? his grandma sent it to him to read? he’s in a super secret bookclub of old ladies in NYC? the possibilities are endless!
a secret msg about rob
WestFriend: Dude. I loved Shane West. I had a very pixelated picture of him printed out, and slid into my clear-view binder in Jr. High. You know you had a clear view at some point! (Wow- WestFriend did not mention Rob in this setence)
a secret msg about rob
EastFriend: Rob’s in an urban hipster book club in SoHo. They wear beanies and discuss cold fusion. Over Stoli on ice. Hopefully he’s preparing for his next role. Cause I’d dig him as an urban hipster in a beanie. In glasses. Oh. My. Stars. That’d be smokin’ hot.
a secret msg about rob
Start squealing, WestFriend

Start squealing, WestFriend

WestFriend: If Rob wore glasses…I might squeal. And I hate squealers.

EastFriend: DO NOT attempt to read Independent People...just because Rob was carrying it. It is long. It is confusing. It is painful. It is arduous. It is BORING. If he’s trying to appear all mysterious and educated and cultured for reading it, he failed. Cause an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure.

Another sexy side of RPattz in the park

Ahh.... TwiCrack has these pics posted and more... along with one of his putting out his ciggy on the White Rabbit. Yuck.

Catch him on video here. Oh. mah. gosh. Could he BE any sexier?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ah, to be a Dunkin' Donuts coffee cup...

Yeah, whatever, Rob smiled today and more pics from the set at Lion & Lamb Love, yada yada. THIS is the hottest *candid* pic I've seen. To date. All my sex check marks are checked (minus the bedroom eyes, but the RayBans make up for that...), including the bonus- skin. boxer briefs. skin by the boxer briefs. *gurgle* *thud*

Twilight spinoffs? Mum's the word!

From Radar Online:

Twilight producers Wyck Godfrey, Greg Mooradian and Guy Oseary were Awarded the Film of Vision Award at the 36th Annual Vision Awards in Beverly Hills Saturday night, and while they were modest about their success they spoke candidly to RadarOnline.com of the vampire love story.

Oseary, a producer also famous for his management of Madonna, told us "I've read all four books" in the Twilight Saga--and reveals which is his favorite (hint: it was just filmed!).

Godfrey admitted that things were crazy while filming New Moon with Rob Pattinson in Italy, saying "We tried to keep him from getting torn limb from limb."

And when asked by RadarOnline.com if there would ever be a Volturi family spin off, Mooradian didn't say no!

Thanks to NMM for the tip!


Regarding spinoffs, they said:
If our movies do as well as the first did, all possibilities are out there...

Random Twilight actresses dish on Rob and KStew

Found a lovely diddy from Robsessed- two random actors were interviewed (the waitress in the restaurant and young ballet girl Bella)-- swoonistic Rob mentions:

Ayanna Berkshire
Age: 32 "Twilight" role: Cora, waitress in the Carver Cafe

Team Edward or Team Jacob?: "I've been asked that many times. My new motto is, I'm Team Berry Cobbler" (the dessert Cora serves Bella). I did get to meet Robert Pattinson a couple of times, and he was fantastic. I actually met his parents before I met him. I have a day job as an optician and they came in, looking to have some glasses repaired."

The "Twilight" effect: People find my MySpace page, and I get lots of acting-related questions, and then more frivolous ones, like, 'What does Robert Pattinson smell like?' Well, he smells like a 21-, 22-year-old guy. He smells like he should smell. I'm sure if anybody smelled him, they'd just be wooed and won immediately."


Catherine Grimme
Age: 7 "Twilight" role: Young Bella
On meeting Pattinson: "He was very nice. I was kind of star-struck. Is he cute? That's what most people say. I'm not so sure about that myself."

Mother Kim Grimme adds: "Catherine Hardwicke made a point of introducing Robert to Cat (as the family calls her). He got down on his knees so he would be at eye level. And, of course, because he's got a British accent, everything sounds better. We took pictures of her with Robert, and with Kristen Stewart (Bella). He was talking and joking with the other cast. Kristen was a little more introverted."

A Rob-related temper tantrum

Have you noticed that I abruptly stopped posting pics of Rob shooting "Remember Me?" Yeah, um, I'm a 30 something happily married chick with kids who is insanely jealous of seeing that hawt British boy kissing some girl on set.

*insert 12 year old fangirl rant here*
I knew he'd get all kissy face on screen. And I knew I'd be jealous. And I TOTALLY am. It sucks. And I know at some point pics will surface of him kissing some girl for realz. And I'm not prepared. Like Jenny Jerkface, I have a serious fangirl crush on Rob, and I don't know what to do about it.

I can't show you these pics as they were meant to be shown, so I'll just show you what I see when I look at them:

Finger twisty sex hair

Bedroom eyes

finger pluck porn

Go to Radar Online for all the pics....

On an unrelated note- it's not to late to vote for Best Female Twilight Blogger over at Twilighter's Blog.

Visions of loveliness at the Vision Award Ceremony

Radar Online has an exclusive video from Ashley, Christian and Billy from the Vision Awards- it's too cute (spesh when Ashley talks about being married to Jasper Hale- gave me goosebumps)

Check it HERE.

Also, in sadder Vision news, Taylor presented at the award ceremony but was whisked away by his publicist without any interaction with anyone at the event.

Taylor Lautner Vision Awards

Thanks to NMM for the heads up!


Based on the song "Irresistable," an ode to Jacob Black, Oh Hush! fans present Hushercise!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sigh. I'm a social network slut

Yep. That's me. Anyone else? I've had a MySpace page for a couple of years, mainly to spy on nieces and nephews (that's my story and I'm sticking to it). Then a couple of friends made me grow up and Facebook instead-damm Farmtown has had me addicted the past couple of days.

Because I don't have absolutely ENOUGH on my plate right now, I decided to start a Twilight MySpace page- sort of a place to house everything together.

Are you a social networking slut? If so, come on over and join me- together we can move mountains... or at least waste another hour and a half of our time....

MySpace page

Facebook page

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Black sex suspender pants

What is it about those black suspender pants? JAG at Random Acts of Rob has an *extremely normal* obsession with the pants (heck, she even made a video!):

Robert Pattinson Just the way I like him
by robert-pattinsondotca

Suzanne even wrote a poem about them... yum.

Black Suspender Pants
By Suzanne Padgett

The Pied Piper of Sexy
Is walking down the street
Three bodyguards protect him
Wild fans he can't meet

Those black suspender pants
He has me in a trance
He has me weak in the knees
He makes me wanna dance

When I see a black hoodie
I want it to be him
He must want to hide though
Till the sky begins to dim

A Michaelangelo statue
His face without a flaw
I watched from a distance
In disbelief at what I saw

Those Black suspender pants
Suspenders hanging at his hips
He mouthed "Hello" to me
With those perfect sexy lips

Join TA LIVE at the Vision Awards tonight!

Twilighters Anonymous will be broadcasting live from the Vision Awards this evening- be sure and tune in


this afternoon at 4:30pm pacific time to enjoy the show with TA live!

Here are the deets, from TA's site

Every year Films and Television shows as well as artists are chosen to become honored as a Visionary in their field or genre. This year we are proud to announce that Twilight and Twilight Producers Guy Oseary, Wyck Godfrey, Mark Morgan and Greg Mooradian are being bestowed this honor. The 36th Annual Vision Awards honors those in entertainment, medicine, science and business who have shown visionary leadership, creativity and generosity over the past year as well as the duration of their careers. The proceeds from the show benefit Retinitis Pigmentosa and the work the organization does to fight degenerative blindness and aid those suffering with the results of it.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Book cover for Team Edward fan IS confirmed

Look at the other official New Moon book cover- read all about it HERE!

Thanks to TwiCrack for the deets!

Bruno wished to crotch-kiss Rob instead of Eminem

Found this over at NMM- a riot!

Voting Time- come check it!

I just found out that I was nominated for Best Female Twilight Blogger over at Twilighter's Blog. It's quite the honor considering that some of my besty bloggy friends are sitting there, not to mention the awesomeness of the heavy-hitters:

Regardless, there are some other fun polls to check out- have fun voting HERE!

Speaking of voting, Twitarded was nominated for funniest blog- they ROCK the humor- be sure and go vote for them HERE!!!

Here's a snippet of their nomination post:
Oh. Mah. Gahd. We're the only Twilight themed blog up for nomination!! Do you know what this means, fellow Twitards? It means we're infiltrating their non-Twilight little lives. Buhwahaha... [rubs hands together like I imagine Rosalie doing when Bella's all sorts of knocked up...]

So, vote for us (rules here) and show everyone that we Twitards are a force to be reckoned with! We won't take anything less than being in the top... 100 (I have motivation problems, I think).

Obey my will and vote for Twitarded...

But what other blogsite has stories about fecal matter, grown women making complete and utter asses out of themselves AND pornography? Huh, huh?

I want to thank whoever nominated us for this bloggy distinction. I have to admit, it’s exciting that our little insular Twi-world is getting recognition. And about time! There is a stigma about being a 30+ chick who digs Twilight and it’s time we show the rest of the boring lame world that we Twitards are funny, smart and like to talk about sex and bodily functions. We’re sort of like a twelve year old boy, sixteen year old girl and a thirtyish woman all rolled up in one body. But not nearly as horrifying. Well, maybe...

2009 BlogLuxe Awards

Rob deFranco gets waxed

Peter Facinelli just twittered a post from Rob deFranco- getting ready to hold up his end of the losing Twitter bargain:

Oh, those dirty, dirty boys!

Twilight fans are the best, as seen by Twifans Domestic Bliss Friday, compiled strictly by fans this week (oh, there's more. Go check'em out.) And poet Suzanne takes inspiration from Rob in her revised version of Dirty English Boy.

Read more about Suzanne and her inspirations HERE.

Enjoy a good swoon as you enjoy the poem and eye candy- Happy Friday, all!

Dirty English Boy (revised)
By Suzanne Padgett

I see you in the movies
You're picture's everywhere
You hynotize and mezmerize
and I can't help but stare
You should be illegal, you rock me
You dirty English Boy

When I see your bedroom eyes
I drop to the floor
When I see your bedroom lips
Can't help but beg for more
You're making me crazy, you rock me
You dirty English Boy

I wanna be that cigarette
You hold between your lips
I wanna be those black slacks
That rest upon your hips
You've set me on fire, you rock me
You Dirty English Boy

I can't understand this
My soul is on fire
you created this monster
And I'm flaming with desire
I don't even know you, You rock me
You Dirty English Boy

Your voice is smooth like velvet
My heart melts like butter
But if I were to meet you
I'd fear I'd only stu-stutter
You've got me by the heartstring, you rock me
You dirty English boy

Charming Rob interview

Found this old Cannes video from NMM. Anyone else weak in the knees?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bella's birthday cake: An exclusive interview with the cake maker

The pinnacle of the birthday party scene in New Moon, aside from the paper cut Bella receives and subsequent attack is the beautiful birthday cake that Alice has so graciously provided for the party, despite the fact that Bella is the only one who would partake.

In an exclusive interview, I learned more about the beautiful confection. Lisa Haas, wife of the creator, Thomas, fills in readers about how the cake came to be.

Blissfully unaware of the Twilight Saga, Haas was approached to concoct the confection after the set designer’s creation didn’t turn out as expected. Though he doesn’t know the significance to the green color palette, he was able to replicate the design perfectly in one day.

Read the whole story over at Twilight Parents Examiner!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hump Day. The O.M.E. Isle Esme version *jaw dropped*

Found this manip. Don't know who to credit. Let me know so I can give this girl a big non-lesbo kiss. I'm weak in the knees. *thud*

Video: More Rob on set

More video from the set of "Remember Me." Yummy.

More Rob pics on Remember Me set



Check out more over at Lainey!

Behind the scenes of How to BE

Still looking sexy behind that mop 'o hair!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Twilight Park

Two of my favorite thins brought together at last. Enjoy Twilight Park.

New Moon movie tie-in book cover is HAWT! *spoiler*

From EW:

Little, Brown has revealed their cover for the movie tie-in edition of New Moon, which features an exclusive image from the Twilight franchise's second film. Taylor Lautner fans should certainly pick up more than a few copies (Those arms! That smoldering stare! Remember, he's only 17!). As for Team Edward...well, at least the image proves that the moon is not, in fact, made of green cheese.

For more info, go HERE!

Perez Hilton and Taylor Lautner- Yin and Yang

From Perez Hilton:
It's Jacob Black and Perez!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dressed in our gay superhero attire, we attended the 2009 MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday - our fourth year in a row attending the big event!

Kristen takes a tumble on set

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart on the set yesterday- takin' a tumble. Thanks to the Gossip Girls!