Monday, June 29, 2009

A Rob-related temper tantrum

Have you noticed that I abruptly stopped posting pics of Rob shooting "Remember Me?" Yeah, um, I'm a 30 something happily married chick with kids who is insanely jealous of seeing that hawt British boy kissing some girl on set.

*insert 12 year old fangirl rant here*
I knew he'd get all kissy face on screen. And I knew I'd be jealous. And I TOTALLY am. It sucks. And I know at some point pics will surface of him kissing some girl for realz. And I'm not prepared. Like Jenny Jerkface, I have a serious fangirl crush on Rob, and I don't know what to do about it.

I can't show you these pics as they were meant to be shown, so I'll just show you what I see when I look at them:

Finger twisty sex hair

Bedroom eyes

finger pluck porn

Go to Radar Online for all the pics....

On an unrelated note- it's not to late to vote for Best Female Twilight Blogger over at Twilighter's Blog.


  1. Oh you made me laugh! I <3 your edits!

  2. Heehee, you're so funny!Lol, wow, I haven't seen the "finger pluck porn" pic yet, nice, love it!!

  3. hahahah very ver funny!! lol!! but believe me, ur not alone... i can barely stand that chick, i really TRULY hate her!! i mean what gives?? why is she kissing him?? lol hahaha we should be committed lol!! oh well!! i can't help it!!
    to quote Edward "He's like a drug 2 me" xD hehehe!!

  4. Thanks, guys!

    It's a long story about musicians and their, ahem, "abilities," but Ms. His Crooked Smiles and I coined the term finger "pluck" porn (use your imagination)... oh, swoon, those fingers.

  5. I've never been caddy about other celeb females..but feck feck I am thinking "she's not that pretty"..."go rebound on someone else beeotch"...."robsten robsten robsten"..(i'm not a tween but I BELIEVE in Robsten, guh). I totally "get it".

  6. Ok...I have a love/hate relationship with Emilie de Raven...and I have a REALLY good reason now. You see, I was previously (8 years ago to be exact) obsessed with a little TV show called Roswell. VERY similar story line to Twilight except that the main character was an alient, not a vampire. At any rate, Emilie came in the 2nd season of the show and her character brainwashed the alien and took him from his true love. I HATED her (at least her character) which made me not a very big fan of Emilie's. She's been on lost the last few years and I've enjoyed her on that so my "dislike" has disepated a bit...but now with pics of our beloved Rob kissing her...some of those old feelings are coming back. I feel ya PB!

  7. LOL! OMG, you kill me! This is too funny.

    Sometimes it just sucks having a silly crush, doesn't it? Trust me, I know EXACTLY how you feel!! :)

  8. So, I feel exactly the same way you do. I'm also a married thirty something with kids who has a freaking huge crush on RPattz.
    My inner biatch has a hard time looking past HER in those pictures! Am I acting like a jealous teenager, or what?! Geez.