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Kristen's shining moment and onstage/backstage pic-spam swooniness

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Behind the Scenes at MTV Awards

Kellan dishes Rob

Pretty girl Ashley dishes Italy

Michael Welch and Christian Serratos dish Rob

Zac Efron dishes Best Kiss

Ryan Reynolds dishes "dreamy" Rob

What Rob did before the Awards- *hint* involves his hair and fingers

Rob in raw form hanging backstage before the event:

Jacob-->Wolf Morph Screen Caps *spoiler*

Shirtless Naked Jacob Black Taylor Lautner Shapeshifter Werewolf Wolf Transform New Moon

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MTV Awards Winners *Spoilers*

I haven't even begun watching, but RPPortugal has the up-to-the minute deets:

Twilight wins BEST MOVIE!!!!

Kristen wins Best Female Award

Rob and Kristen win Best Kiss Award

Rob wins Breakthrough Male

Rob and Cam win Best Fight

Thanks to TwiCrack for some of the videos as well!

*Official* New Moon Trailer!!!!! *spoiler*


New Moon Trailer!!!!!

MTV Movie Awards Seating Catfights

I'm back from a much- needed night away with hubby sans kids, and I'm in heaven because we talked Twilight much of the time...

BUT- Are you kidding me? This is when it STINKS being west-coast bound... the MTV awards don't even start for an hour and a half over this way, so to keep you updated, I have to sneak peeks at other sites to find out the deets... I'll post what I find here in a minute...

It is 7:30- another 15 minutes and I can catch the trailer *screams in delight* and post it here (hopefully).


In the meantime, I found this little diddy on the MTV Movie Award seating catfights...

It's supposed to be the young and fun awards show, but tonight's MTV Movie Awards seems to be the same old clash of bloated Hollywood egos—at least judging by the preshow seating arrangement squabbles.

According to gossip mavens at Page Six, "A producer looked at the original seating chart and realized the whole thing had to be reworked because so many people in the house hated one another."
Rob & Kris Golden Carpet MTV Movie Awards 2008 by Lu ♥.

The former music television channel's stars seemed to be causing most of the rhubarb: Reality star Whitney Port reportedly had to be moved away from Twilight's Kristen Stewart, since Whit had dissed the vampire flick as "really bad" and dinged Stewart as "one-dimensional." Seriously, though, isn't that one dimension more than Whitney's shown?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hardwicke Gushes over Mr. Lautner

Looking ahead, Catherine auditioned confident, determined Taylor with scenes from New Moon... Click here for the rest of the interview with the “Twilight” helmer. And, of course, don’t forget to tune into the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET to find out whether Taylor (or his fellow nominee Robert Pattinson) snag a golden popcorn.

Team Slumdog vs. Team Twilight

Look at who the stars are rooting for.... awww, whadda they know, anyhow?

Prove them wrong- it's not to late to vote Twilight for best movie at the MTV Movie Awards!
Go HERE and vote NOW!

Customized Edward Cullen guitar

Robert Pattinson plays guitar, and Edward Cullen is a hero — now you can put it all together with this customized Edward Cullen Guitar Hero guitar!

Robert Pattinson Day June 20 in the UK

A screening of Rob's three biggest flicks will be shown at these theaters on June 20:

Clapham Picturehouse, London
Harbour Lights Picturehouse, Southampton
Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool
City Screen Picturehouse, York
The Belmont Picturehouse, Aberdeen

to see big-screen presentations of any or all of the following films:

Twilight (12A) at 11.30am
How To Be (15) at 2.20pm
Little Ashes (15) at 4.15pm

Giveaways include posters, some signed by Rob, tee shirts, and other great Pattinson prizes!

Thanks, Pattinson Online!

how to be by cybermelli.

Friday, May 29, 2009



LOST Parody- with Edward Cullen

Like LOST? Like Twilight? You'll heart this...
Thanks to the Twilight-Headed gals!

Tonight's ET segment- HERE!

In case you missed it, or live on the west coast *waving hand wildly* here's the ET segment...

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Rob sans shirt makes it to #5 on EW's weekly buzz

Entertainment Weekly lists their top 10 stories of the week. Rob sans shirt made it to number... 5?! Srsly?


Beating out smexy Robward:

5. Robert Pattinson walks around without a shirt. Hearts flutter.

4. The Jon & Kate Plus 8 premiere attracted historic ratings. But stories from the show continue to get more depressing. Did Kate really put Jon on a $5 dollar a day allowance? At this point, nothing would surprise us.

3. Chris Harrison blogged about the cocktails, man-bikinis, and the bizarre full-frontal nudity that dominated this week's episode of The Bachelorette.

2. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie without Joss Whedon? Blasphemy!

1. People can't stop talking about Adam Lambert. Kara DioGuardi fanned the flame of the "is-he-or-isn't he" discussion on The View, while EW staffer Adam Markovitz wondered whether Lambert is using all of the speculation as a marketing tool. It's a must-read. Check out Michael Slezak's interview with the guy, as well as his fuschia-red hair on Idolatry while you're at it.

Thanks to RobPattzNews for the tip!

Justin Chon talks New Moon at the Lupus L.A.'s Orange Ball

Justin Chon was at the star-studded 9th annual Lupus LA's Orange Ball in Beverly Hills, where he talked New Moon.

The event, hosted by "CSI: Miami" star Eva La Rue, featured a live auction and a special performance by Toni Braxton.

Lupus LA and Lupus Research Institute (LRI) are partnering up to fundraise for new lupus research that aims to prevent, treat and cure lupus.

Feed your libido in style- Happy Friday, Twilighters!

With all of the steaminess to be had this week, why not keep feeding our libidos? Twifans brings you today's Domestic Bliss- Hardcore Edition:

Go check them out to find your favorite vamp in action!

*THE* first part of New Moon- 15 seconds!!! *spoiler*

I'm shaking. Thanks, Amber!!!

Happy Birthday, Justin Chon!!

Happy Birthday, Justin Chon!

*apologies for my lack of PhotoShop abilities*

Taylena: Puppy Love is no more. Sad times to be had by all.

From Lainey:
Multiple sources have confirmed to me exclusively that Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner, in Vancouver while both were in town shooting their respective projects, have split…

It’s been about a week now. Taylor left Vancouver last Friday. Before leaving, my sources say the two were supposed to hang out, spend time together, watch DVDs, cuddle, whatever. Instead, Taylor stood her up. Didn’t bother texting, didn’t bother coming through on their plans.

They’ve barely communicated since.

Am told Taylor was supposedly strongly encouraged by his father and Summit not to be seen with a girlfriend, especially as his star is on the rise. They want him to focus on career, on the work, and on letting every little girl make believe she could be The One. He wasn’t happy about it, but he listened. These are the sacrifices you make for fame, right?

Selena will have to make hers too. Eventually.

Interestingly enough, both Selena and Taylor will be at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. Please let there be a dance-off. This is the only way to resolve things.


Young love comes to an end. Sadness.

Kissing expert analyzes and compares Rob and Zac' s kissing styles

Kissing expert, Andrea Demirjian, analyzes and compares the HSM3 Kiss with that of Twilight:


It doesn’t hurt that the pair isn’t acting—they’re also a couple when the cameras stop rolling. “What is evident is that they are very much in love,” Demirjian said. “It’s tender, it’s soft, it’s gentle. You can tell how much he loves her because he’s smiling as he kisses her, because he’s just so happy.” She also approved of their chemistry and “body interaction,” and called the scene “one of the sweetest things I’ve seen in a long time.”


When it comes to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's forbidden vampire-on-human kiss, Demirjian was impressed. “I looked at this one a few times, cuz I was like, ‘whoa!’” she laughed. “The kiss was so sexy, just the way their lips were grazing against each other—it wasn’t deep-throat tongue kissing.” Part of the appeal of this silver-screen kiss is the tension, Demirjian said, which gave the eventual smooch “all the perfect makings of suspense and anticipation. And that makes a kiss more desirous.”

Random Things

HSM gets a 3 1/2-4 out of 5 in kissing stars, while Twilight scores a strong 4 out of 5....

Read more and get kissing tips at!

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New Moon Trailer to Debut Sunday Night on MySpace

* Won't be snuggled in bed with popcorn and your Mini Edward watching the MTV Movie Awards Sunday evening?
* Afraid you're gonna forget to TIVO it?
* Live in another country?

No fear.
The New Moon trailer will debut 7:45 PST (that's Cali time, baby!) in high-def on the MySpace Trailer Park!


Wrap your legs around me, Fasten your seatbelt, it's gonna be a bumpy ride, You Better Hold On Tight, Spider Monkey

MTV's interview with Catherine Hardwicke, where she reveals alternate lines to "You better hold on tight, spider monkey.." (swoon...):

Then we saw her personal shrine to “Twilight” — one of the best “Twilight” collections. She has the original script and the first “Twilight” book she bought, complete with all her notes and alternate lines for Edward’s “Hold on tight, spider monkey.” (Robert chose that one after reading 10 alternative lines that Catherine wrote the night before, including “Wrap your legs around me and hold on tight, spider monkey” and “Fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”) It was nice to see that Catherine also keeps her fan mail and gifts that Twilighters send her. The best ones make it into the shrine.

Another great moment was seeing the words to Paramore’s “Decode” written out by frontwoman Hayley Williams herself. When Hayley first played Catherine the song, the director thought the song gave away too much of the story. Hayley wrote it out so Catherine could really look at the words — apparently it all worked out, because now “Decode” is nominated for Best Song at the Movie Awards.

Andy Samberg: Twilight Makes Me Jizz

Up and coming SNL star, Andy Samberg will host the MTV Movie Awards this year, and dished on Twilight in a recent interview with Marc Malkin:

I have to tell you that my dream headline for this story is: "Andy Samberg: 'Twilight Makes Me Jizz!' "

Do you want me to say that?


Twilight makes me jizz, man. But will you include that you asked me to say that?

Yeah—I forced Andy Samberg to jizz. OK, how many times have you seen Twilight?

I've seen Twilight once. But I've seen scenes from Twilight many times in my dreams. You know what I mean? In a lot of ways I see Twilight constantly every day, because once you see it, it stays with you forever.

When I reported that the Movie Awards will include a first look at New Moon, fans went crazy. People are insane about it.

They love playing baseball! What's not to love? If you told me that we were going to make this movie about vampires that are really, really good at baseball, I would say, "Sign me on!"

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Edward all the way.

Why is that?

He's steamy!

See, I didn't ask you to say that!

I never root for the underdog. I always root for the crowd favorite. Big Yankees fan, big Manchester United fan.

It's not too late to vote for Twilight for best film- DON'T let Slumdog Millionaire beat it out!


KStew doing her job like a pro- shouting words from the book. *spoiler*

Kristen takes her work seriously, and screams "Edward!" like in the book. Whew. Thanks, Vampirefreak101 for the on-set tweets!!

Is someone hacking KStew's IMDB page??

I'm just going to put this out there- IMDB is a fantastic resource for gathering information on movies and actors.

It's also accessible to the general public to provide updates.

So the fact that Kristen Stewart's IMDB page lists Robert Pattinson as her boyfriend should not be cause for immediate alarm.

After all, seeing the scene yesterday, it's easy to see why Edward and Bella on screen are so fabulous; their chemistry is amazing... on screen.

I still say there's nothing going on....

Tower Scene GIF *spoiler*

Yowsers! Thanks, Robsessed!!

Fans Rabid for Rob Globally

Sounds like Italian fans are much like those in Vancity. Rabid.

Hello! Magazine reports:
News of the arrival of the cult hit's cast didn’t take long to reach the locals. Dozens of excited fans camped outside Robert's hotel hoping to catch a glimpse of their idol.

In breaks from filming Robert and Kristen, who play an on-screen couple, have been taking in the local sights. Picturesque Montepulciano stands in for Volterra, the home of the vampire coven known as the Volturi.

While you're over there, check out the Twilight Moonlighter Blog for an in-depth look at the Twilight Saga!

Don't feel silly ladies; even the Mac guy loves RPattz

So he spelled Rob's last name wrong, but even Justin Long, Mac commercial and Drag Me To Hell star gives props to Rob on the red carpet!