Sunday, May 31, 2009

MTV Movie Awards Seating Catfights

I'm back from a much- needed night away with hubby sans kids, and I'm in heaven because we talked Twilight much of the time...

BUT- Are you kidding me? This is when it STINKS being west-coast bound... the MTV awards don't even start for an hour and a half over this way, so to keep you updated, I have to sneak peeks at other sites to find out the deets... I'll post what I find here in a minute...

It is 7:30- another 15 minutes and I can catch the trailer *screams in delight* and post it here (hopefully).


In the meantime, I found this little diddy on the MTV Movie Award seating catfights...

It's supposed to be the young and fun awards show, but tonight's MTV Movie Awards seems to be the same old clash of bloated Hollywood egos—at least judging by the preshow seating arrangement squabbles.

According to gossip mavens at Page Six, "A producer looked at the original seating chart and realized the whole thing had to be reworked because so many people in the house hated one another."
Rob & Kris Golden Carpet MTV Movie Awards 2008 by Lu ♥.

The former music television channel's stars seemed to be causing most of the rhubarb: Reality star Whitney Port reportedly had to be moved away from Twilight's Kristen Stewart, since Whit had dissed the vampire flick as "really bad" and dinged Stewart as "one-dimensional." Seriously, though, isn't that one dimension more than Whitney's shown?

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