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New set-stalking pics- Paramount Theater in New Westminster

"New Moon" filming at the Paramount Theater Thursday night and deets from NewsGirl:

I arrived on set around 7:30 and they were still setting up. They had to wait for darkness before they could start production. The scene was at the movie theatre. Kristen and Jacob are there and some of Jacobs friends. There were about twenty five back-ground performers.
The set was bustling with action and movement. Everyone had a job to do and everyone was doing their job.

Set-Stalking Tips from NewsGirl:
* Mind your manners
* Don't use a flash
* Don't call out to the actors
* Remember, they are all working.

Go to NewsGirl News for all the pics!

Yummy People Magazine Scans- I NEVER get tired of RPattz's sexy smile...

Eyes of Amber (and her dh) are absolutely fabulous; look what they had to share- People Magazine scans! Enjoy!

Notice that Channing Tatum is in the bottom right
Kristen in top right
A myriad of New Mooners in the under 21 crowd...
Dakota Fanning, Taylor Lautner and Christian Serratos. I love that the credit listed for all of them is New Moon.

Sparkly Edward Doll as Lackluster as Edward Cullen in the movie. But you should See Yummy Emmett!!

Who knew that I had much in common with the maker of the Sparkly Edward Cullen doll? We're both lovers of the Twilight Saga, we both work from home so we can raise our babies, and we both have *awesome* websites. (cough-self promotion.)

I received a gentle note from the owner of Butterfly Designs Creations, who showed me some of her other work. Clearly the Sparkly Edward doll photographs about as well as Edward Cullen did in Twilight; he is just not at par with some of her other beautiful creations:
Emmett Cullen

With that, I ask you to not be a hater, but show the love and mosey on over to Butterfly Designs Creations and check out her other handiwork.... I'm quite partial to the hand-carved Jacob bracelet...

Go vote for Rob's sexy mug...

Go over to Cover Awards and vote for your favorite *smut* cover of the week. If you need a hint, check these baby blues and 5 'clock shadow:

Note: Rob's sex hair face is on 3 of the 7 mags... Rawr.

Rumor Control: Emily Browning did NOT turn down Twilight!

Browning is eager to finally tell MTV her side of the "Twilight" tale.

In case you're not familiar with the name, Emily Browning, like Henry Cavill, issho Stephenie Meyer had in her head to play the part of Bella.

"Maybe I should set it straight a little bit, because there are so many rumors flying around," she said. "People are coming up to me and saying, 'Oh, my God. You turned ['Twilight'] down?' and all this horrible stuff!

"What actually happened is that I was asked to audition — not take the part, but to just audition — shortly after 'The Uninvited' had finished filming," the actress said. "And I'm not the type of person who can just work back-to-back. So I was just exhausted, and I was like, 'I'm sorry, but I just can't sign on to a trilogy right now.'

Emily Browning: A Better Bella Swan?
Humbly, she went on to say that she's sure KStew did a billion times better than she would've done...

Set-Stalkers Catch Rob in Action over at Bella's House

Set stalking Rob pics from Bella's house early this morning, courtesy of NMM:




And a slide show with commentary here!

Would Rob do full-frontal nudity? Read on...

Oh, YUM... what I clamor to read... an interview with Robert Pattinson from Moviefone-- here are the juicy parts:

I read that you were really nervous about filming the nude scenes and the explicit scenes, how did you prepare yourself for those?

[Laughs] I had so many ridiculous answers just come into my head [more laughs]. I had a penis implant! I don't know, I just kind of, it's funny because Spanish people are so ... have no problem with nudity at all, I mean at all, and English people obviously do have, like, the most enormous problem with it. It's like little things, like when I saw my father getting changed for swimming I got, like, traumatized by it ... I don't really know what I did, I just kind of freaked out a bit. [Laughs]

You were playing a real person -- how did that affect your preparation? Did you study up a lot on Dali?

Yeah, I mean it's nice. There are certain things like studying photos. I never really concentrated on my body in a performance before, well not to such an extent, and there were tons and tons of photos of him and he had quite strange posturing ... There was one photo where he's pointing at something, and I guess it's quite nice, and I was trying to figure out "How do you point like that?" Then you realize "Oh, shit. You get your arm and ohhh..." and suddenly it clicks into place. And then when you realize you're walking right and stuff, and people -- Spanish people! -- know who you're playing, without the moustache, they know immediately just by looking in your eyes, it's very satisfying. I like the idea of that; I'd quite like to do it again. And I'm always quite attracted to playing real people.

How are you handling the massive, instant fame and the craziness?

It's quite stressful in a way, but it's only when you're by yourself. When I have my friends around it doesn't make any difference. I just spend a lot of time by myself, and I used to walk around the block by myself in various different cities, and I don't know, you start to feel a bit vulnerable, I guess. [Laughs]

How's the energy on 'New Moon' compared to 'Twilight,' because for 'Twilight' no one was sure if it was going to do well and now, obviously ...

Yeah, it's scary. It's a very, very different experience. Last time we were just kind of ... it was so easy to get the entire cast together. We'd all have dinner almost every day and be able to talk about it freely and stuff. Now it's quite difficult to even leave the hotel. And all these random little stories become someway, somehow newsworthy, so you have to be very secretive about everything. Even if you want to just clarify something in the script or something. It's just strange. It's just very different ... It's very strange when you're aware of being observed, I guess.
Robert Pattinson In Tokyo by hvyilnr.

Would you do full-frontal nudity like Daniel Radcliffe did?

I think it would depend on what it is. Yeah, it really does depend on what it is. And I don't think a lot of people would really want to see that. I think it would ruin the illusion. [Laughs] Note to Rob: I'm willing to chance it.

Cocky Confidence and Insecurity: May 8 Marks Pattinson's transformation to Mr. Dali

I know, I know. It's hard to imagine Mr. Hunky Spunk as anything but Edward Cullen. But beginning May 8, Pattinson will be on the big screen as Salvador Dali, so you've got a week to suck it up and view him like this:

RadarOnline just saw an exclusive screening of the flick, set to open on May 8, and reveals some of the major transformations Pattinson makes throughout the flick:

* Donning a funny-looking brown bob with bangs as the youngest version of Dali

* Eventually, he cuts his hair, cleans up and starts wearing suits.

* When a friend tells him the girls will go crazy after his makeover, he quips: “I expect so.”

* Later in the film, Pattinson wears Dali’s signature, upturned pencil mustache and takes on the cartoon-ish personality the painter was known for in his later years as his forbidden relationship with Lorca fell apart.

I've come to the conclusion, after seeing the wide range of acting skills that Rob posesses, that this movie will let us see the far end of the pendulum. And it will be ok.

RadarOnline says, "While this might not the Pattinson most fans are used to, Little Ashes gives him a chance to show his range as Dali, who boomerangs between cocky confidence and insecurity. And not to worry—during the scenes set in the early 20s, Pattinson looks as dashing as ever in suits and slicked-back hair. Overall, Pattinson’s brooding good looks and intensity make the couple’s tortured love affair feel very real—just as they do in Twilight. Be prepared to shed a few tears in this flick!"

Thanks for the heads up, Lindsay!

Meraz is shooting me his bedroom eyes again...

HUBBA! Visit Alex Meraz's Official MySpace page for his latest bedroom eyed "come hither" pic:

Thanks for the swoon this morning, NMM!

hee-hee- I like this one...

Ashley Greene makes a perfect pin-up model

Click to view full size image
Click to view full size image
Thanks to TwiCrack and Portal Twilight for finding these perfect pin-ups of Greene for the Stop Staring! clothing line!

"How to Be" Reignited Pattinson's Passion

After his role as Cedric Diggory in the 2005 hit Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Pattinson was unable to secure any roles that reignited his passion for acting... until How to Be came along.

Oliver Irving spoke to about Pattinson's reconsideration and thoughts on becoming a musician:

"He was thinking about giving up acting and maybe doing music solely when this role (in How To Be) came along. He wanted to play the roles he wasn't getting... He was looking for something more challenging."

Irving adds: "I said, 'You're banned from cutting your hair between now and the shoot.' We had to give him the most awkward haircut we possibly could, and we cut his trouser length a little bit too high. Things like that played down his apparent good looks."
Robert Pattinson in "How to Be" by camelliamama.And Irving insists Pattinson rose to the challenge, often showing off musical skills too advanced for his character: "He downplayed how good he was. A lot of the time he would turn out to have a really good (instrument) technique and we told him he needed to play it more simply."

Set-Stalking Locations to Feed your Withdrawal after New Moon Wraps

Jaunted spills several locations where the Twi-Cast will be filmed after New Moon, along with excuses to use with parents or ahem. husbands....

New York City. Robert Pattinson will be shooting the romance "Remember Me" directed by Allen Coulter ("Hollywoodland") and cowritten by "Rachel Getting Married"'s Jenny Lumet. What to tell your folks: You just really want to get into art, and where better to experience the art world than the galleries of Chelsea? Alone?

Chicago and the 'burbs. Kellan Lutz (Emmett) will be shooting the new "Nightmare on Elm Street" in the sleepy suburb of Barrington, Illinois -- and they could need some extra scared teenagers! What to tell your folks: You've landed a sweet part-time job at the Taste of Chicago. Even if they think you're faking it, how will they ever find you at the city's biggest food fair?

Vietnam. Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) will be shooting "The Last Airbender" for M. Night Shyamalan, in which he plays a stubborn teenage warrior opposite "Slumdog Millionaire"'s Dev Patel. What to tell your folks: Ooh. This is a hard sell! But there's always the ol' volunteering-to-boost-your-college-application excuse. Just make sure you actually volunteer somewhere so you have something else to talk about.

Los Angeles. Kristen "Bella Swan" Stewart will be in town in a few short weeks working on "The Runaways," a biopic of Joan Jett costarring Dakota Fanning who is also part of the Volturi. What to tell your folks: All that studying has given you a severe Vitamin D deficiency and you need to convalesce in the sunshine -- particularly the strong stuff shining off movie backlots.

Des Moines, IA. Harboring a secret crush on Billy Burke's Charlie Swan? Find him in the cornfields to shoot the domestic drama "Ticket Out" with Ray Liotta. What to tell your folks: C'mon, it's Iowa, what could possibly go wrong?

17_twilight_cast by Cherry Passion.
Thanks to My Twilight Saga Blog for the tip!

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Note to Twi-Babies: This is NOT the *authentic* Pocket Edward Doll...

You can either take out your 5 year old's *gently used* Ken doll, gel his hair and gob him up with glitter, or you can go on EBay and pay near 40 bucks for the same thing.

Oh, but the one on EBay is dubbed "Sparkling Edward Cullen." Guess that makes it worth the extra cash... and friends, the auction ends May 5. Hurry and become the umpteenth, most stupid Twilighter alive, FIRST bidder...

Heck, I'll have my 7 year old do it and charge you only $20....

Thanks to Elfie for the scare chuckle of the night!

So he doesn't sparkle well in the sun. Check out the real deal HERE!

Peter Facinelli Wants to Kick some A%$.

Facinelli is putting the smut back where it belongs- in the garbage.

Marc Malkin, smut king, wrote:

I recently posted some jokey comments Garth made to me during an interview about being "pissed off" that hubby Peter doesn't cook for her like he apparently does for his Twilight costars.

Mr. Facinelli cooked up a response to yours truly.

"Lets not try to make a 'meal' out of this," he wrote in an email. "My wife was joking. The reason I stopped cooking so much is because she's better at it. And most nights I take her out to eat anyway. She's not 'pissed off.' So lets not try to stir up some controversy where it doesn't exist."

I quickly offered to buy Facinelli and Garth dinner, but I never heard back from them...until yesterday.

My intrepid reporter Dahvi Shira caught up with Facinelli at last night's LG Rumorous Night party.

"Tell Marc I'm going to kick his ass," he said. "Tell him if I see him, I'm going to kick his ass."

Not to worry, Mr. Facinelli was joking.

With that out of the way, Dahvi then grilled him for New Moon scoop. He said the cast hangs out together all the time.

What kind of things do they like to do?

"Dinner at my house," Facinelli laughed. "Marc Malkin knows all about it."

Rob with a Leash and Handcuffs!

Aha- couldn't resist- actually it's Rob as a young British tot, thanks to ET:

From Justin to Kelly to New Moon: Justin Guarini wants in...

You have GOT to be kidding me. From BuddyTV:

That's right folks. Justin Guarini from American Idol season one really wants to contribute to the New Moon soundtrack. He's released the special song written just for New Moon onto YouTube and he's hoping it'll strike a note with Twilight fans across the country.

Shaye Smith, Tammy Hyler and Guarini himself penned the song, entitled "I Can't Live." The main chorus sings out "I can't live if I can't touch you with my fingertips." He obviously had Bella and Edward in mind when writing the lyrics. "I Can't Live" could be seen from either Bella (Kristen Stewart) or Edward's (Robert Pattinson) point of view, depending on how well New Moon depicts Edward's plight. But is the song New Moon worthy?

Hot dog- here it is- check it out and come to your own conclusion!

Thanks for sending, Kimberly!

How to Be *spoiler* Break-Up Scene

I am WAITING for two hours to myself to watch this movie; gotta settle for this clip!

Win an Ashley Greene signed copy of New Moon!

Twist Magazine and Ashley Greene are pairing up to give away one signed copy of New Moon to a lucky fan *under* the age of 24. Read the fine print and go to Twist to enter today!

Happy Hump Day to Taycob, Kellett and Jacksper fans!

What a vamptastic Hump Day- Radar Online has MORE V-Man outtakes!

Twi-Porn Delight!

Cam names his daughter in honor of his acting coach.. awww....

Everleigh Gigandet: Cam Gigandet’s Daughter!

Exclusive from Just Jared:

Twilight star Cam Gigandet and his actress girlfriend, Dominique Geisendorff, have named their daughter Everleigh Ray Gigandet.

The couple welcomed their first child together on Tuesday (April 14). Everleigh weighed 7.6 lbs and Cam’s parents, Jay and Kim, and sister Kelsie, were all present for the birth. “Leigh” was in honor of Cam’s acting coach Leigh Kelton Smith.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Cam, 26, is set to star with Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester in The Roommate.

Thanks to TwiCrack for the crack!

Reverse Paps: Ashley Snaps Back

A twitpic from Ashley Greene, who was bombarded by fans with white boards yesterday! She's a great sport!

Spreading the love: View Justin Chon in TURBO for free!

Due to the overwhelming demand, a 2nd screening of Justin Chon's film TURBO will be shown:

When: Saturday, May 2nd
Time: 4 - 6PM
Where: University of Southern California Norris Theatre
Website: Turbo the Movie

No RSVP required. Seating starts at 3:30PM. TURBO will be the last of three films screening, but you will not get in if you come late. Bring everyone you know.

Turbo: Trailer from Jarrett Conaway on Vimeo.

See you there!

Thanks to The Justin Chon Fansite for sending over the info!

Taylor Jumps on the Beanie Bandwagon
From Lainey:

Saturday Taylor Lautner went to dinner and a movie with Selena Gomez, young love in bloom.

Sunday he and his dad hooked up for a friendly lunch with a girl he used to work with back in the Nickelodeon days.

Monday, as soon as his photos with Selena dropped and made a huge splash, suddenly he was all camera shy.

As for what’s happening on set of New Moon today – continuing to shoot break up and Bella losing it and some scenes with Bella and Jacob in her room. Tomorrow, it’s a movie theatre and an Edward apparition and a motorcycle or something. *sad face*

See Jackson's movie DREAD for free!

ShocktilYouDrop is inviting Rathbone fans to a special showing of Dread. Here are the deets:

To all of you Los Angeles readers. We just got word that there will be a free screening of Dread, the latest Clive Barker adaptation, on Tuesday, May 5th. This is your chance to catch the Anthony DiBlasi's film - starring Jackson Rathbone, Shaun Evans, Hanne Steen and Laura Donnelly - early. Check out the invitation and RSVP to the e-mail you see there.

Legal Notice: The theater has a limited capacity. Early arrival is advisable to secure admission and an ideal vantage point. Admission is not guaranteed and is first come, first served. The venue manager will not allow lines to form early, so please do not arrive earlier than 5pm.

A chance to snuggle up to Robert? I'm sending in my head shot now!

A female lead is in the process of being cast for the new flick "Remember Me," which RPattz will sandwich shoot between "New Moon" and "Eclipse." So he'll be in prime vamp mode, which is how I like it.

SPUNK by twilight twit :D.

Go to Acting Auditions for the deets!

Thanks to TwentySomethingTweek for the tip (and for the GINORMOUS sexy RPattz mug! Yum!)

People Mag finally catches up to Twilighters: RPattz is most beautiful

Robert Pattinson has been names as one of People's 100 Most Beautiful. With this quote from him, not to mention those bedroom eyes and silky British accent, it's not hard to see why:

The Twilight star, 22, says he doesn't quite understand his heartthrob status – or the fuss about his signature tousled do (or as I like to call it, sex hair). "I don't get it. It's funny, you look the same for years and no one ever mentions it. Then suddenly it's a big deal."

Thanks to My Twilight Saga Blog for the tip!

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Hump Day: Heart-Rob Wednesday
Technically on the west coast it's still 11:41, and How to Be is STILL not on the DVR. Whatever. So here's my hump day post a tad early. I figured none of you would mind...
Thanks for the laugh AND the swoon, Random Acts of Rob!