Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sparkly Edward Doll as Lackluster as Edward Cullen in the movie. But you should See Yummy Emmett!!

Who knew that I had much in common with the maker of the Sparkly Edward Cullen doll? We're both lovers of the Twilight Saga, we both work from home so we can raise our babies, and we both have *awesome* websites. (cough-self promotion.)

I received a gentle note from the owner of Butterfly Designs Creations, who showed me some of her other work. Clearly the Sparkly Edward doll photographs about as well as Edward Cullen did in Twilight; he is just not at par with some of her other beautiful creations:
Emmett Cullen

With that, I ask you to not be a hater, but show the love and mosey on over to Butterfly Designs Creations and check out her other handiwork.... I'm quite partial to the hand-carved Jacob bracelet...


  1. GASP! Finally...I can get my Emmett doll/action figure!

    You make my heart warm PB!

  2. Only for you, dear- his eyes are beckoning, "Come, hither, my Tasha-love!" Check her site out and get yourself an Emmett; dh will be sooo jealous!!

  3. Ome there's a pocket Emmett, I must have him...