Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cocky Confidence and Insecurity: May 8 Marks Pattinson's transformation to Mr. Dali

I know, I know. It's hard to imagine Mr. Hunky Spunk as anything but Edward Cullen. But beginning May 8, Pattinson will be on the big screen as Salvador Dali, so you've got a week to suck it up and view him like this:

RadarOnline just saw an exclusive screening of the flick, set to open on May 8, and reveals some of the major transformations Pattinson makes throughout the flick:

* Donning a funny-looking brown bob with bangs as the youngest version of Dali

* Eventually, he cuts his hair, cleans up and starts wearing suits.

* When a friend tells him the girls will go crazy after his makeover, he quips: “I expect so.”

* Later in the film, Pattinson wears Dali’s signature, upturned pencil mustache and takes on the cartoon-ish personality the painter was known for in his later years as his forbidden relationship with Lorca fell apart.

I've come to the conclusion, after seeing the wide range of acting skills that Rob posesses, that this movie will let us see the far end of the pendulum. And it will be ok.

RadarOnline says, "While this might not the Pattinson most fans are used to, Little Ashes gives him a chance to show his range as Dali, who boomerangs between cocky confidence and insecurity. And not to worry—during the scenes set in the early 20s, Pattinson looks as dashing as ever in suits and slicked-back hair. Overall, Pattinson’s brooding good looks and intensity make the couple’s tortured love affair feel very real—just as they do in Twilight. Be prepared to shed a few tears in this flick!"

Thanks for the heads up, Lindsay!

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