Thursday, April 30, 2009

Set-Stalking Locations to Feed your Withdrawal after New Moon Wraps

Jaunted spills several locations where the Twi-Cast will be filmed after New Moon, along with excuses to use with parents or ahem. husbands....

New York City. Robert Pattinson will be shooting the romance "Remember Me" directed by Allen Coulter ("Hollywoodland") and cowritten by "Rachel Getting Married"'s Jenny Lumet. What to tell your folks: You just really want to get into art, and where better to experience the art world than the galleries of Chelsea? Alone?

Chicago and the 'burbs. Kellan Lutz (Emmett) will be shooting the new "Nightmare on Elm Street" in the sleepy suburb of Barrington, Illinois -- and they could need some extra scared teenagers! What to tell your folks: You've landed a sweet part-time job at the Taste of Chicago. Even if they think you're faking it, how will they ever find you at the city's biggest food fair?

Vietnam. Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) will be shooting "The Last Airbender" for M. Night Shyamalan, in which he plays a stubborn teenage warrior opposite "Slumdog Millionaire"'s Dev Patel. What to tell your folks: Ooh. This is a hard sell! But there's always the ol' volunteering-to-boost-your-college-application excuse. Just make sure you actually volunteer somewhere so you have something else to talk about.

Los Angeles. Kristen "Bella Swan" Stewart will be in town in a few short weeks working on "The Runaways," a biopic of Joan Jett costarring Dakota Fanning who is also part of the Volturi. What to tell your folks: All that studying has given you a severe Vitamin D deficiency and you need to convalesce in the sunshine -- particularly the strong stuff shining off movie backlots.

Des Moines, IA. Harboring a secret crush on Billy Burke's Charlie Swan? Find him in the cornfields to shoot the domestic drama "Ticket Out" with Ray Liotta. What to tell your folks: C'mon, it's Iowa, what could possibly go wrong?

17_twilight_cast by Cherry Passion.
Thanks to My Twilight Saga Blog for the tip!


  1. Woman, Barrington is in my backyard! I must stalk him......I need to find the deets on this.

  2. I am going to Jersey in a month as well to see 100 Monkeys. Yes I am going to be Twilight cast stalker!

  3. my e-mail addy is on the blog. I'll be your bestie if you hook me up... with my hubby and kids, I'll never get out to set-stalk.