Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is someone hacking KStew's IMDB page??

I'm just going to put this out there- IMDB is a fantastic resource for gathering information on movies and actors.

It's also accessible to the general public to provide updates.

So the fact that Kristen Stewart's IMDB page lists Robert Pattinson as her boyfriend should not be cause for immediate alarm.

After all, seeing the scene yesterday, it's easy to see why Edward and Bella on screen are so fabulous; their chemistry is amazing... on screen.

I still say there's nothing going on....


  1. Oh Mrs Pillow!
    I am leaving this comment cause I miss your blog so much.

    That and I am an IMDB whore, for sure! (I've been using that word a lot today. hum...)

    Anyway, I can't wait to see this chemistry you speak of and I think it super funny that someone has them listed as dating. Okay now I must close my eyes and weed through some more spoiler free blog post! LOL I am totally joking around with all the spoiler stuff.

    This dork needs to stop talking!

  2. If you read Robert's IMDB page it says KSTew is his girlfriend... no idea what's going on...

  3. I am 100% convinced nothing is going on.
    IMDB is like the Wikipedia of movies.
    Until Rob and Kristen say, from their own mouths, that they are dating, it is all lies to me.
    Haha. =]