Monday, June 29, 2009

Random Twilight actresses dish on Rob and KStew

Found a lovely diddy from Robsessed- two random actors were interviewed (the waitress in the restaurant and young ballet girl Bella)-- swoonistic Rob mentions:

Ayanna Berkshire
Age: 32 "Twilight" role: Cora, waitress in the Carver Cafe

Team Edward or Team Jacob?: "I've been asked that many times. My new motto is, I'm Team Berry Cobbler" (the dessert Cora serves Bella). I did get to meet Robert Pattinson a couple of times, and he was fantastic. I actually met his parents before I met him. I have a day job as an optician and they came in, looking to have some glasses repaired."

The "Twilight" effect: People find my MySpace page, and I get lots of acting-related questions, and then more frivolous ones, like, 'What does Robert Pattinson smell like?' Well, he smells like a 21-, 22-year-old guy. He smells like he should smell. I'm sure if anybody smelled him, they'd just be wooed and won immediately."

Catherine Grimme
Age: 7 "Twilight" role: Young Bella
On meeting Pattinson: "He was very nice. I was kind of star-struck. Is he cute? That's what most people say. I'm not so sure about that myself."

Mother Kim Grimme adds: "Catherine Hardwicke made a point of introducing Robert to Cat (as the family calls her). He got down on his knees so he would be at eye level. And, of course, because he's got a British accent, everything sounds better. We took pictures of her with Robert, and with Kristen Stewart (Bella). He was talking and joking with the other cast. Kristen was a little more introverted."


  1. Ok...I love that he got down on his knees to her eye THAT made me swoon. Maybe its a mom thing, but that is just sexy!

  2. Sigh. I hate that I'm becoming such a sap when it involved RPattz but... getting down on his knee? SO cute.

    Ugh! LOL!

    And that little girl looks devilish and precocious. That means she's a good kid, right?