Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Elena meets Peter Facinelli. True story.

Elena over at Robsten Lovers took her kiddos in tow to meet Peter Facinelli at his book signing yesterday. Here are the basics- check out their site for the whole scoop:

We sat in line just around an hour or so and it went fast because of ridiculous conversation going on between us. It was also helpful when we befriended a security guard who thought my daughter was adorable. Shortly after making friendly with the guard guy, an Affliction store employee and another guard walk over and ask if we want to go straight into the store because Peter didn't want babies waiting in line.

This was the highlight of our trip, second only to meeting Peter himself. It literally saved us well over an hour standing in line. What made it funnier was that earlier, I had mentioned that I should take the baby with me to all Twilight events because her cute face could open doors that otherwise wouldn't have been open. Obviously, I was right.

Because there were so many people, he couldn't do "posed" photos, but we were allowed to take pics of him while we waited for autographs.

And, you can read my interview with Elena HERE!