Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Perez Hilton and Taylor Lautner- Yin and Yang

From Perez Hilton:
It's Jacob Black and Perez!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dressed in our gay superhero attire, we attended the 2009 MuchMusic Video Awards on Sunday - our fourth year in a row attending the big event!


  1. Taylor looks like he's thinking about running!

  2. oh noes! it's my old obsession (perusing perez hilton non-stop) and my newer, much-more-focused obsession (er, you know what that one is...) coming head to head. why am i suddenly feeling a twinge of "team jacob" affinity??

    : )

  3. @STY - somehow I knew there was going to be a comment from you. LOL!

    Poor Taycob looks terrified. Not that I blame him...