Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh, those dirty, dirty boys!

Twilight fans are the best, as seen by Twifans Domestic Bliss Friday, compiled strictly by fans this week (oh, there's more. Go check'em out.) And poet Suzanne takes inspiration from Rob in her revised version of Dirty English Boy.

Read more about Suzanne and her inspirations HERE.

Enjoy a good swoon as you enjoy the poem and eye candy- Happy Friday, all!

Dirty English Boy (revised)
By Suzanne Padgett

I see you in the movies
You're picture's everywhere
You hynotize and mezmerize
and I can't help but stare
You should be illegal, you rock me
You dirty English Boy

When I see your bedroom eyes
I drop to the floor
When I see your bedroom lips
Can't help but beg for more
You're making me crazy, you rock me
You dirty English Boy

I wanna be that cigarette
You hold between your lips
I wanna be those black slacks
That rest upon your hips
You've set me on fire, you rock me
You Dirty English Boy

I can't understand this
My soul is on fire
you created this monster
And I'm flaming with desire
I don't even know you, You rock me
You Dirty English Boy

Your voice is smooth like velvet
My heart melts like butter
But if I were to meet you
I'd fear I'd only stu-stutter
You've got me by the heartstring, you rock me
You dirty English boy


  1. I LOVE domestic bliss fridays.. Makes it worth getting up on friday morning! LOL.. That poem rocks!