Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Twi-Crack and Twi-Magnets and Vancouver... oh my!

So TwiCrack has a couple new BFF's on her Vancouver excursion, where her efforts to Twi-stalk are being stifled by the need to visit family and pretend there are things more important than Twilight.

But Maggie who has had the most rockin' vacation ever (yes, the same Maggie who ran into KStew in the bathroom and caressed Taylor's back... damm her) met up with Kellan and Ashley yesterday.. Is this girl a Twi-magnet or what??

Maggies text to TwiCrack:
We met Kellan and Ashley today. Jackson just walked by us. Today has been awesome we got to see them filming for 3 minutes before getting kicked off the set.
You can live through Maggie vicariously over at 20-somethings- photos and adventures alike:

We continue on our little jaunt up this mammoth mountain.. Oh I forgot to say that while we were camped there literally for the last 3 days, we saw several BEARS on the road. We walk nonchalantly past all the trailers and food tents and all that an we here "Cut, let's go again"
*big cheesy smile* I'm so obvious. We stop and look for a while and i see Rob as Edward and died a little inside. I saw Taylor as Jacob WITH short hair (HA!)and think Hmmmmm why are they both there??? (theories later)


  1. Wonderful, some more information, I'm jealous!!! They saw Rob???? WOWWWWW!!!!!!!

  2. Kellan looked gorgeous!! Ashley's soooo pretty!! :)

  3. where exactly did u see this? Ill be in Vancouver tomarrow and the next day and soooooo wanna see SOMETHING TWLIGHTq!!!! Even if its just the trailer