Tuesday, April 14, 2009

GQ Wars: Rob Pattinson vs. Zac Efron

Zac Efron, Robert Pattinson, GQ
Catch the whole story at E!:

On the right, we have the sparkly vampire who looks disinterested in this whole thing. He didn't even shave before getting photographed for the cover. But that's part of his charming "I don't give an ef" attitude.

Then there's Zefron, the singing and dancing wonder who appears a little too enthusiastic, like "Hey guys! Does this blue make my eyes pop? Who wants to get a milk shake after this?!"

Really, it all comes down to whether you prefer guys with magical hair who come off like they don't care, or guys with magical hair who can work a parking meter...

Which would you take, ladies? Is there even a contest??


  1. Absolutely no contest--DUHOY. Give me the magical hair and don't give an ef attitude!

  2. No contest at all. It's a baby v.s. a MAN.

  3. Ha, what contest! I'll take the wild hair I-don't-efing-care-real man any day!

  4. I'm far from a teen, so I'm going for the man! No contest~Rob Pattinson is the hottest -don't give an ef real man on the planet- as far as I'm concerned. Oh, the hair can't be copied so guys stop trying!

  5. Contest? You're joking right?!
    Zefron is not even within a million miles of Robs league!! And the GQ covers prove it!
    One smoulders, the other squeaks! hehe

  6. Poor Efron...you almost have to feel sorry for the little waxen figurine that he is.

    Team Sexy Rob Pattinson all the way. No comparison.

    No even in the same universe.

  7. "There's no competition!" (like Edward says to Bella, in Twilight)

    Rob is hot, sexy, amazing... how could someone take his place??? Rob is Edward!