Sunday, April 12, 2009

TwiCrack's Set-Stalking Adventure: Part One

TwiCrack, goddess of Twilight awesomeness, is updating us with her set-stalking attempts. She was fortunate to meet up with Maggie, Twi-fan who has Twilight Cast radar and has been fortunate enough to meet KStew and has caressed Taylor Lautner's back. You think I jest?

(Maggie with You-Know-Who)
Maggie wrote:
He was very sweet. He said "HI, I'm Taylor what's your name?" hand shake *shiver down spine*
"Maggie, we met in Minneapolis."
"yeah at the Hot Topic tour."
"Oh, at the signing?"
Daddy Lautner; " you didnt fly in from Mineapolis did you??"
"Umm, yeah i did actually."
Both; "wow" under breath

"would you mind if i took a picture with you?"
"sure, no problem"
"Is it gonna freak you out if i pll out my GIANT camera?"
laughs "no"
he squeezes in next to me, puts his hand on my lower back, which i copy, mmm sculpted back.
I say thank you, and give him a sideways hug while slyly inhaling his heavenly scent.
it was grand. I said a bunch more about how sweet he is but i dont remember all my blatherngs. Apparantly my brain shuts down when i meet famous people.

Live vicariously through TwiCrack and the remainder of her Vancouver vacation as she lives on dim-sum and angers her husband with her Twilight obsession!

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