Monday, May 25, 2009

Twi-Mom hosts "Twilight" Convention fund-raiser

A Portland, Oregon Twi-mom is taking on a "Twilight" convention in the hopes of raising money for a local children's hospital.

Reports the Columbian:

Elisa Cotton is a diehard "Twilight" devotee. The Clark College student and mother of two from Vancouver has read all the books, seen the movie about 15 times and founded the fan site Now, with the help of Vancouver resident Lisa McGraham and Michele Biernat of Portland, Cotton is bringing some of the film's stars to the area for a "Twilight" convention.

The event is Aug. 28-30 in Portland as a fundraiser for Doernbecher Children's Hospital, and Peter Facinelli, Ayanna Berkshire and Christian Serratos are already signed on for all three days.

Thanks to The Twilight Source for the tip!

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  1. Thatis the same weekend as a convention out in NJ, peter canceled due to filming a tv show... Why would u do this that weekend and take stars away from a convention where people r paying good money to meet them? This is a great cause but honestly you may be hurting some diehard east coast twilight fans!!