Monday, May 25, 2009

Make Me a Pillow Biter Contest winner revealed!

Congratulations to Tezsgurl for winning the Make Me a PillowBiter contest!!

This is all the info you left for me- send me an e-mail with your information so I can pass it along to VampireMe for your Vampirazation transformation!


  1. Yay to Tezsgurl! I just got back from 100 Monkeys Show in Philly! Lots of pictures! Woman I was 5 inches from Jackson and touched him! He is so awesome! I am still updating blog with the numerous 400 pictures that were taken!

  2. I suppose you'd like spreading the word all over the world... then you should rethink this blog's name: "Pillow Biter" could be intepreted as having homosexual connotations which, if you're gay, are perfectly understandable but, if you're not, give your audience a wrong idea of what your preferences are...