Monday, May 25, 2009

New Zealand, New Mexico... Unbound Captives to film in Argentina?

RPattzDaily has a translated article from a reputable source, Clarin, which reveals that Robert may shoot part of Unbound Captives in Argentina:

A local newspaper here (not a tabloid) published a Cannes article yesterday (24th May) saying that Robert Pattinson told them, while they were talking about "New Moon", he'll probably be coming here (to Argentina) by the end of this year to shot a western (Unbound Captives) with Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz.

Robert Pattinson told to Clarin in an exclusive interview that "I'll probably be in Argentina before the end of the year to film a western."

"We are evaluating the possibility of filming in the south of your country, in Patagonia, at the mountains. It seems amazing to recreate the West in another side," confided the actor, who played 23 years on May 13. "We may also shot in New Zealand," he said. Pattinson is already at Italy shoting New Moon, he'll go to New York from there, to start working on Remember Me, after that, he'll be starting with the filming of Eclipse, the third part of the Twilight saga. After that, he'll be portraying a cowboy at Patagonia.

Article (translated into English) from Google - Original article (in Spanish)


  1. Holy %$^% when will he be in New Zealand?! I want to see him !!!!

  2. When is he going to be in New Zealand? I want to see him to lol