Monday, May 25, 2009

New Moon filming: An extra's perspective *spoiler*

A extra on the Italian set of New Moon offers these details- read the whole story at RPattzNews:

I’ll start the story right from the day before, when I received the famous call from the production company. I thought that they were calling to tell me that I was not photogenic enough and that it was not necessary for me to go. But instead, the lady from the agency told me I was needed for the next day. And could I pass up that offer? Absolutely not! (I’ll omit all the screaming and jumps for joy that occurred after the call)

Sometime later, my phone rang again. It was the same number. They wanted to know if I could come with my car and if they could put it in the movie. WOW. “Of course, I’d come on a tricycle if you wanted me to.” I told the agent. However, my car is not in very good condition. Ughh, of all my luck!

Unexpectedly, I ran into my friend Francesca, who saved my life by letting me borrow her striking motorcar. I can’t thank her enough for her kindness and patience. Thanks Franci!

The wait was unnerving. And extremely long. In the meantime, we learned the shooting schedule: Monday is rehearsals, Tuesday inside the city again, Wednesday and Thursday in the city square (Where there is expected to be 1000 extras), and Friday was for any needed reshoots. While I was waiting, I saw a really pretty girl with brown hair in jeans and t-shirt. For a second I thought it was Kristen Stewart, but then I realized it was her stunt double. The similarities between the two was striking, especially from behind.

The tests of the Porsche were seemingly never-ending, they really wanted it to be perfect. They did not overlook even the smallest detail: everything -from the placement of the car to all the car sounds- had to be just right. They even were overly careful with all the red flags placed around Montepulciano.

The most exciting part of the experience was meeting all the other Twilight fans. We all, no matter how small our roles were, wanted to make the sequel the best it could be. And it was all for our love of the saga. I met a bunch of girls who were from some of the poorest parts in Italy, and all came so they could have a chance to be in this movie. To all the Twilighters who traveled from far away to be here, you all deserve a round of applause.

They then told all the drivers to move closer to the gates of the city, only to make us wait again. From my new position, I was able to have a look inside the city walls. It is very attractive. The red drapes and flags went well with the grey of the building’s walls. When I saw the fountain -which was not yet finished- I was a little disappointed, since I pictured it more ancient looking. However, my fears were placed to rest as I saw a girl coming to spray paint it to give it that “antique” look. They also added more flags, most -if not all- of them being red.

To end, I leave you all with two small goodies: In the square on Wednesday, it seems like some sort of procession will be taking place. It is said that about 20 people will be dressed like duchesses and squires (all outfits being red, of course) wearing Venetian carnival masks.

There will also be a canopy/gazebo (specially built for the movie) which is to represent the liberation of Volterra from vampires by St. Mark. (Note: the canopy may be constructed of the supposed Volturi throne pictures that were leaked earlier in the week)
Thanks to Twilight Gossip for the tip!

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