Monday, April 13, 2009

Twi-Hards Overtake Vancouver

Vancouver has been taken over with an obsessive base of "Twi-hards," reports the Vancouver Sun.

An attempt to code-name "New Moon" the "Untitled Sports Movie" failed, because apparently, Twi-hards are not only fanatic, they're not stupid. The industry has severely underestimated the power of their rabid Twilight Saga fan-base. We're bloodhounds.

Understandably, however, is the need to be able to film scenes of the movie without constant interruption.

"It's to give the director and the group the space they need to work," Bill Bannerman said, adding the fan fervour is understandable. It's the nature of the beast. They analyze and want to know, but you're building a film one shot at a time. So when people see only one piece of the puzzle, they might take it out of context. It only represents two per cent of the grander scheme."

Westcoaster Magazine has felt the zeal of Twilight fans, which was epitomized when one story received so many on-line hits, the server crashed for an hour. "Our traffic skyrocketed. We got more readers in a day than we get in a month," said Drews, who was also contacted by publications as far away as New Jersey.

Side Note:

As a journalist, I take issue with this line in the original article: To his frustration, he also saw his story "mined" by other media and fansites. Even if his work was taken verbatim, he should be thrilled to have been involved with an entity as large as the Twilight phenomenon has become.

Keven Drews, your article was the only link between filming and Twi-fans aching for every available detail. Be proud of your in-depth article and know that it was a source of satisfaction for media worldwide, not solely fodder for plagarism.

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  1. That is funny. "Untitled Sports Movie". They are fanatics but not stupid...

    Remember when Return of the Jedi tried that? They called it "Blue Harvest". Ha.

    I just finished posting a take on twilight (the movie) if you are interested.