Monday, April 13, 2009

New Moon Casting Checklist

Now that some of the major players have been cast for "New Moon," it's a good time to reflect back on who the cast members will be and look toward the future at what notches are left to check off:

Aro- Michael Sheen
Caius- Jamie Campbell-Bower
Jane- Dakota Fanning
Alec- Jane's counterpart, Alec has the opposite power ; he can virtually erase all sensory experience from his victim. Casting for this may be somewhat tricky, as Alec needs to resemble Jane, aka, Dakota Fanning.
Marcus- The third in the powerful Volturi trio (along with Aro and Caius)
Gianna- Rumored is that Justine Wachsberger will play the part of the Volturi's human secretary; yet to be confirmed.

Jacob Black- Taylor Lautner
Paul- Alex Meraz
Emily Young- Tinsel Korey
Sam Uley- Chaske Spencer
Quil Ateara- Tyson Houseman
Jared- Bronson Pelletier
Embry Call- Kiowa Gordon
Seth Clearwater-
Leah Clearwater-

I'm most curious to see who is cast as Seth, who *spoiler* ends up befriending Edward in Eclipse.
Be sure to check out the Twilight Examiner for some in-depth commentary of the casting possibilities.

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