Monday, April 20, 2009

Super sexy Weekend RPattz pics

Lainey has new pics of Rob hanging out and about this weekend. Lainey also says that Rob worked out this weekend, possibly getting ready for the pool scene (am I the only one who doesn't remember Edward in water? I'm losing my touch!)

Lainey's sources tell her exclusively he, Kristen, and Taylor are all back at work today shooting in the water. She goes under, sees his face, then gets yanked out.

These are some of the smexiest pics I've seen of my Hunky spunk in a long time. yum.
(hello, PB? I am available for a rendevous...let me work out first so I can be super sweaty with fab sex hair for ya...)
Thanks to Runaway With Fate for the heads up!


  1. Wow!!!! Looking good!! I'm sure he's aware of the photographer too......

  2. Oh, to be the Dasani bottle in his hand...

  3. the only water scene i can think of is the cliff jumping scene...Ana Cristina, you can be the Dasani bottle, i'll take be *$ cup! swoonsigh...

  4. All right, all right... I'll settle for the cell phone. He can push my buttons any day. ;)

  5. Did you see how he is carrying a coffee cup and a water bottle in one hand with those long fingers? Oh the possibilities.....I do feel sorry for him though--he truly does have not have any privacy anymore.

  6. Wow, vitamin. You just took it right in the gutter with that finger comment.

    Thank you.