Monday, April 20, 2009

Rumor Control: All is Well in the Land of S.M. and New Moon Production

This article has had Twilighters up in arms:

TWILIGHT sequel NEW MOON has been thrown into jeopardy - author STEPHENIE MEYER is facing a plagiarism lawsuit over the vampire franchise, according to reports.
The original 2008 movie - starring Robert Pattinson - was a major international hit and has spawned a follow-up which is currently being shot in Canada. The film franchise is based on the popular book series, written by Meyer.
But production on the second film has reportedly been halted following claims Meyer is facing legal action from her former college roommate, who is said to have accused the writer of basing the novels on her ideas.

Though the article is seemingly legitimate, Twilight Lexicon has cleared up the rumors, and reports to Twilighters worldwide:

Stephenie Meyer Lawsuit Story is bogus

Posted by Twilight_News - 20/04/09 at 09:04 am

It seems that the unsubstantiated story that Stephenie Meyer is being sued and filming on New Moon has halted continues to spread like wildfire on the web. Our inbox is exploding with various readers citing new places the story has cropped up.

Below are the official comments now from both Summit Entertainment and now Little Brown/Hachette:

Official comment from Summit Entertainment regarding the portion of the story as it specifically refers to filming is as follows: “This rumor is certainly NOT true. Please let your readers know.”

Official comment from Stephenie Meyer’s publisher regarding the portion of the story that refers to the lawsuit:

“This story is false.”

The origination of the story on the Max Dan Wiz site has now been removed.
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