Monday, April 20, 2009

Not all students thrilled to have New Moon film crew around, and RPattz looks sad and tired...

Ashley Chow, student at David Thomspon Secondary School, is glad the filming entourage is gone. She writes the Vancouver Sun:

It seemed pretty cool at first, but when you mix in the hottest celebrities with a horrible film crew, the school turns into chaos. Closing the cafeteria for two days, taking over the foyer and forcing students to make detours and stop dead in our tracks during our break and lunch because they were filming a big-shot movie was not cool.

If they had wanted us to be quiet, perhaps they should've thought that through before taking over our school for two days. The crew acting like our school was theirs didn't help either.

I'm also sure many staff and students did not appreciate outside stalker fans coming into the school trying to get a glimpse of Spunk Ransom either. Famous people are humans, too; they'd appreciate privacy just like you would.

While I agree with Ashley that the Twi-cast needs to have some privacy, I for one would be thrilled to oblige with the chaos for two days to see my school portrayed in the hottest movie of the year....

SUN0417 Nuts.jpg
This picture, shot with yet more Twi-hards, is the epitome of RPattz's desire to be at home, in England, in his flat with his dog Patty... Poor baby.


  1. Maybe next time the Twilight crew can hire some hunky bouncers to check IDs and passes.
    Although I suppose we all wish this was our 'inconvienience', I can certainly see how safety is an issue. Everyone should feel safe in their school.