Thursday, April 2, 2009

RPattz and KStew are Twittering?!

Web-savvy Twilighters, take heed- reports are out that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are on-line- officially?!

Check out their pages, which look perfectly legit, but know that these are probably definitely babies of their media people and not straight from the actors themselves:

  • Rob's MySpace page is here.
  • Kristen's MySpace page is here.
  • Rob's Twitter page is here.
  • Kristen's Twitter page is here.

MTV's Larry Carroll disagrees, however, dissing the *official* pages as complete gobbledy gook:
"Sorry to rain on your parade, Twilighters, but we at MTV try to set the record straight whenever we can. And if fake “kristensss” has invited you to meet up with her in Italy, you might not want to go buying that plane ticket just yet."

So what do you think? Are these pages officially created from the media entourage of the stars designed to satisfy fans, or just a bunch of hogwash?


  1. um i'm guessing you haven't seen the MTV article?

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  3. i'm pretty sure they are twittering, but not under those accounts

  4. Much as I'd love to read KStew's tweets (wouldn't that be something...), we all know these are people hired to maintain their twitter accounts. But still, just imagine Rob's tweets. Hee, I laugh just imagining some of them. ;)

  5. twicrack, probably..but as i've said, unless they say it personally, take them all with grains of salt.

  6. Yeah, there NO WAY those are actually their accounts. I have a friend who is a semi-famous actor who has a my space and such but uses his real like pictures, not some model headshot from the web.

    I'm just saying.

  7. I have a friend who is a semi-famous actor too, though, and he does have some headshots on his MySpace page, as well as some official red carpet event pics.

    I'm so torn; it really looks like it could be their *official* pages, monitored and updated by their "people", obviously not by them...

  8. I just checked out Kristen's MySpace page, and hers is mostly candids...

  9. On twitter there is someone called fakerpattz and faketomstu and fakelizzypattz and fakestephineR
    or something but the fakerpattz was is the one im talking about here.
    Is it real or not it says fakerpattz?
    what does that mean