Monday, April 6, 2009

Rob and Nikki: Media Stunt or Twilight Romance?

Amanda Bell of the Twilight Examiner ponders an interesting theory, one that I am quick to believe...

Dating rumors between Rob and several single women have been swirling since the hunky bachelor began filming "Twilight." Natalie Portman, Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart, and even Paris Hilton are among the lucky ladies linked to Rob, who has denied each and every claim of romance. Nikki Reed is the latest woman whom many speculate is caught up in the Pattinson tryst:

The story began, says Associated Content, when

Reports from gossip websites . . . spread that Reed and Pattinson ha[d] been secretly dating on and off the Twilight: New Moon set. Lainey Gossip reported that Reed and Pattinson were together through much of last weekend, and hung out together after the Juno Awards. The site's sources further allege[d] that she stayed with Pattinson overnight this past Sunday, and was late in returning to Los Angeles the next morning.

This recent picture shows Nikki with Rob's BMW; he was in Vancouver at the time.

Though neither of the stars' representatives have spoken publicly on the issue, sometimes silence speaks volumes enough. While Nikki and Rob may have been seen together (shocker) while they are both together in Vancouver shooting a film, it is not surprising. It is no secret that during the filming of 2008's hit blockbuster Twilight, the cast grew exceptionally close to one another.

Thus, Amanda's theory: Is this all just a media stunt? If so, who is stirring up the rumors- Rob's camp or Nikki's camp, and why?

One of Amanda's readers speculates that the timing bodes well with the release of Little Ashes, a film that shows Pattinson in steamy sex scenes with another man. Perhaps the perception of a romance with a sexy fellow "Twilight" castmate will put to bed rumors of Pattinson's sexuality. After all, showcasing Robward as an Adonis figure is a much needed vision to carry out the theme of the perfect man for the Twilight Saga... an indie flick turned cash cow.

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