Monday, April 6, 2009

Jackson Rathbone answers some of your "burning" questions in an exclusive interview...

Nah, not from me. But Amanda Bell from one of my favorite sources of all things Twilight scored an interview with him. Go to the Twilight Examiner for the whole scoop; here are some of the highlights:

On Twilight:
About the film, I asked Jackson Rathbone, “In New Moon, your character is supposed to take a bigger bite (pun intended) into the series, with Jasper showing his more thirsty side. How are you preparing yourself for these scenes?” Jackson replied, “for that pun, you should be ‘pun’ished . . . I haven’t had a drink in 35 days.” Clever fellow, he is.
Jasper Hale by musicgrl87.
On New Moon:
I asked, “In Twilight, Jasper was dancing around the fire while Bella bled out from her James-inflicted wounds, and in New Moon, a little papercut is supposed to send Jasper over the edge. Some fans worry that this inconsistency will de-legitimize some of the scenes in New Moon. How are you and the crew planning to handle this?”

Jackson says, "It’s all in the old saying, ‘Location, location, location . . .’ Once you realize the immense animalistic impulses a vampire has, you realize . . . every little thing is more intense. The smell from a vampire-burning bonfire, the adrenaline from the kill, and the exhaustion from the chase . . . basically, in terms of scent, the difference is between a dance studio filled with smells [of] burning and violence, as opposed to the Cullen Family living room, which is filled with the smell of birthday cake. There is no inconsistency, don’t worry."

On his growing popularity:
Despite his
accelerating stardom and ever-growing fanbase, Jackson has remained a complete gentleman to his fans as well as the media, so I asked him “how do you keep such a warm smile on your face amidst all the Twilight chaos?” Put simply, Jackson replied that “in the monkey kingdom, baring one’s teeth has a different connotation. Beware.”
Twilight Boys by maddix3.
On the impending TwiCon Convention:
Jackson, whose smile may or may not have a double-meaning, will be featured in this summer's TwiCon festival in Dallas, Texas. I asked him if he was looking forward to it, and he said that he’s “only been waiting since last summer!”

Final thoughts to his fans:
Jackson added to his fans, “I wanna thank each and every one of you for existing! Without you, I’d be acting in an empty theatre . . . again. Much love, and respect.”

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