Monday, April 6, 2009

"If he's not shagging me, I don't care who he shags..." my new mantra.

Robsessed addressed me today, dedicating the song "Girlfriend" to every girl who flips hearing about Rob and ANY girl! Point well taken, girls. I must chant the mantra three times every time I hear about Rob and Nikki. or Camille. or Foxy lady....

BTW, Robsessed is THE source for everything Robilicious... get your fix there often... swoon...

At least we don't have to worry about Miley Cyrus pawing Mr. Hunky Spunk. The biggest entertainment news of the day is that she's not a Robert Pattinson fan, according to Teen Vogue.

Yawn. Does ANYONE even care?


  1. Positive proof that there is really something WRONG with her!!

  2. I love ROBsessed motto! She is so right.... and about Miley... whatev.. that's one less person who is after him.. =)

  3. Miley who? She should pay more attention to how people perceive the relationship between her and her dad. Rob won't lose any sleep over this and neither will I...what an idiot since many of her fans are Rob fans.

  4. I just think it's sad that the entertainment industry is so quick to try and take the Twilight crew down. Miley's comment was PLASTERED everywhere this morning; I saw it on at least 3-4 sites.

    Rob's got to have pretty thick skin by now, but really, how much should one person have to take- actor or not!