Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Unicorn answers the question: Does Robert Pattinson Have an Age Limit?

I just found the awesomest (I know it's not a real word. But it works. Deal. Move on.) blog post. It makes me want to sing "I Found a Unicorn" to the tune of "I Kissed a Girl."View Image

Spread Hope Like Fire is written by a cool dude who likes Twilight, and this is his post of the day:

I haven’t really seen people end up at my blog through lots of crazy, absurd searches that have nothing whatsoever to do with anything I write about, but I have seen some pretty funny searches in my stats, a few of which I will list below:

what page in midnight sun do edward and bella go to the resterant - Ah! You came to the right place for that - I’ve got you covered! It’s page 180!

alice cullen hot - Uh, DUH. “Hot” is SUCH an inadequate word for this. Step that up to “jaw-droppingly beautiful” or “hotter than the surface of the sun” or “so gorgeous it makes you want to cry” and THEN we’ll talk. Ashley Greene at least deserves that. Actually, she deserves to get anything she wants, but that’s beside the point.

does robert pattinson have an age limit - Ok, this could seriously be interpreted, like, a million different ways. I’m guessing it was either a 14-year-old girl who was unsure with regards to how to investigate the legalities of drugging RPattz with a few of her friends and doing naughty, illegal things to him, or a woman in her 50’s who was trying to make sure that Rob hasn’t come out in an interview and definitively stated that he doesn’t go for mature, more experienced woman.

rpattz kstew appreciation thread - Got you covered on this one, too! The awesome ladies at the Letters To Twilight Forum love discussing Rob and Kristen! Go here!

does esme cullen smoke cigarettes - No way! She’s married to a DOCTOR! Not that the Cullens smoking would exactly bear lots of long-term health consequences, but still! Also, a brief note to Elizabeth Reaser, if you’re reading this: I have no idea if you smoke or not, but regardless, don’t give people that search for questions like that any more reason to suspect! Stay away, girl!

Thanks for the laugh tonight, Jordan!


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  2. Wow! That's awesome - I'm glad you dropped by my blog and that you felt compelled to post that here! Your blog's awesome, as well! I'll have to drop by again later, but for now, I'm about to head to lunch with friends (in a Twi-shirt <3)