Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Rated R Controversy of Breaking Dawn- A MUST read before bed!

Goodness-I've been under a rock today- how the heck did I miss Twitarded's post today?

Warning- It's rated R for Rawr and, well, because it's simply rated R for language and content. I'll spill the less "meaty" parts here; go over there to LOL for realz.

The Controversy in Breaking Dawn- SPOILER!

First things first - let's discuss the actual 'doing' part of gettin' diggity with it. I know Bella woke up all kinds of bruised (personally, I think this is merely a mark of a good night) but that's all? Really?

Bella - Are you sure we're supposed to be doing it this way? I think they do it the other way in movies...
Edward - I don't know. This is how Jasper explained it to me...

breaking dawn movie poster fanmade by twilight-saga-fan-trish.

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