Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Edward's No Emo

Robert Pattinson's motivation for Edward Cullen does not involve an "Emo" mentality. He explains to how he views Edward's innner torment:

Edward Cullen / Robert Pattinson by AC Lima.

"I don't really know what emo is to be honest. Does it mean you're in touch with your emotions? I think he's kind of the opposite.

"He's spent his entire life repressing everything. He's kind of ashamed of himself when he lets his facade of formality break. When Bella comes into his life. He doesn't want to feel anything. He wants to make his world smaller and smaller because he doesn't feel like he belongs in it.

"He either want to be a human or die because his existence is completely pointless. That's why he doesn't talk to anyone. He doesn't really feel anything in the book apart from when Bella comes. He's literally counting the cracks in the wall and stuff.

"Every single day is exactly the same thing. If he feels anything he shuts it down immediately. He doesn't let himself feel anything at all, so I guess it's the opposite. Or he's a closet emo."


  1. This pic is YUM!! Our first intro to EC in the movie... when my jaw drops open and I drool in my lap!!

  2. What a great interview.
    I love it!
    He seems to really place a lot of thought in to Edward.

  3. Is this a new pic from New Moon? if it is, RAWR!!!!!! Even if it isn't, RAWR!!!!!! He is just......delicious!!!

  4. I love how Rob really understands the complexity of that which is Edward. Thats one of the reasons why Midnight Sun is so amazing, it shows us the inner struggle Edward has with himself that we don't get from Twilight. It seems that Rob has really studied it, gets it and has taken that emotion (or lack there of in the beginning) from page to screen. brilliant.

  5. Agreed- Midnight Sun is a MUST-read to really understand Edwards torture... RPattz really gets it!