Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meet Maggie: Twi-Cast Mascot and insanely Lucky Chick

Ok, seriously- what is this chick slipping into drinks to get to party with the whole Twi-cast at the 100 Monkeys concert? Or maybe I'm just a smidge jealous.. just a smidge...

Maggie ROCKS, and for the 3rd time, here is her amazing story. Check out the rest at Twilight 20-somethings:

People recognized me and wanted pics and shit, it was absolutely ridiculous, and everyone was all "OMG that was so cool!! How do you know him??" I admitt I was not sober tonight. I'm pretty sure at one point i posed with the papparazi...? Basically everyone just followed me around all night. *sigh*

All the bands were GREAT. It was so much fun.

Peter shows up and poses for pics for everyone. Ok so basically Kellan and Ashley...Show up and they all recognize us. Kellan swoops me up in this huge bear hug in front of everyone (score) the girls flock over, like introduce me!! Then the whole gang shows up and Kristen sees us and is all "OMG HEY!!!" Huge hugs as she is being SWARMED poor thing. I had just talked to Nikki on the phone and hour or so earlier so i said hi to her and Taylor too as they ran past all the fans. They go run to their spot and the monkeys start up. They are really great by the way, like really, really great.

Nikki, Kristen, and Taylor came back to the crowd to watch Jackson. We were fornt row center and they were off to the side near the back. I squirm through the crowd to say hi to them and we chat for a sec and then i go back to leave them alone. I look back and Trina tells them to come up front.

Kristen and Nikki come up and dance with us. After a while they show concern for Taylor and make him come up too lol. IT's HOT in here. por Taylor in his hoodie is dying. We are chatting it up the whole time, keep in mind. I tell Taylor the only reason i ever recognize him s that damn hood. he laughs and shakes his head out of the hood but will NOT take off his hoodie even when the girls literally tr to remove it fo him. lol They dance and party with us for the whole show. I can't belive this!! Best night ever. EVER. EVER.

Thanks to Twentysomethingtweek who found this slideshow from the concert:

And thanks to TwiCrack, who also met Maggie!


  1. Maggie's the lucky duck, getting to party with them; I'm lucky to... be able to blog about it?! :) I'm not the concert-type, but that's ONE concert I'd sell a kid to attend!