Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dane Cook *apologizes* to fans for his April Fools Twilight Prank

First off, anyone who actually believed on April Fool's Day that Dane Cook was the newest vamp to be cast in "New Moon" needs to get out more often. I'm just saying....

Dane apologized to fans on his webpage today (in less than proper language; be forewarned): "I’m proud / sorry to admit I am not going be in the new Twilight film. To all the people that wrote and said 'WTF DANE TWILIGHT IS CRAP' - I know you are thrilled. To all the people that said 'daaaaannneeee I’m so happy 4 uuuuuu and can’t wait to experience the vampire LeCook' - I know you feel duped.

"I thought the April Fools of it all would be tipped (by) ...the fact it was APRIL F**KING FOOLS DAY!!!!!!"

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dc.jpg Dane cook image by ash_lara83

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