Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cullen Boys and fans.

The more Lainey b*&#hes about anything Twilight-related, the more fan pics fall into her lap. Here are a few recent Canada candids:
Rob and fan in an elevator. My pics with Rob in an elevator would NOT look like this, ladies. They would be bleeped out in all sorts of places, and he'd be sporting a smile... Oops. Sorry. I went to my happy place for a minute. *wink*
Fans and drunken Cullen boys in a Vancouver restaurant. Again, the key word here is "drunk." I'd be all over that shizz in a heartbeat. Except for Peter. I wouldn't want to shake things up with his beauty queen wifey, Jennie Garth, who I heart. *daydreaming again....*

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