Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Robert vs. Taylor- aka Edward vs. Jacob

Times of the Internet reports tidbits of insight on the polar opposite dynamics of New Moon's leading men.

Twilight Saga/ Jonas Brothers- Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson)- Brunin' Up- "I'm Hot You're Cold" lyrics. LOL  (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn) by JonasBrothersAreOffTheChain.
Because New Moon revolves around Bella befriending Jacob, Rob will obviously have a much smaller role.

"I've got two scenes," Rob said.

Taylor is pumped (literally) and ready to film the sequel.

"The part is more in-depth in the rest of the series," he said. "When Jacob turns into a werewolf, it's like he has another personality. He's super intense."

Rob will still remain in the limelight, between his new films How to Be and Little Ashes. Fans will also get to listen to new music by Rob on the 'How To Be' soundtrack, set to release soon.

Taylor recognizes the difference between "sophisticated London native Robert Pattinson" and himself, described as a "laid back and friendly Grand Rapids, Michigan native." Lautner says the difference in the movie will be apparent. *Note to fans: Prepare now for a different feel.

"Jacob's very friendly and outgoing, and he loves people," says Taylor. "I'm pretty similar to that side of him."

Taylor says that the 30 pounds of muscle he's achieved are solely by eating and working out; no magic formula was used.

"I worked out like a fiend, six to seven days a week for two hours a day," he said. "I always used to play sports," said Taylor. "I played football, baseball, basketball, and soccer."

By contrast, Pattinson is not an athlete my any means. "I'm terrible at every sport except running," Rob stated, however, he's been seen leaving the gym- perhaps in preparation for his return in Volterra.

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  1. Only two scenes?! They must be LONG - from bday to breakup then all of Volterra and the return plus the vote. Let's hope we get to see Rob in all his poster glory and Edward making it up to Bella for leaving!

  2. there is nooooooo contest. :-) i guess i'm a biased Team Edward / Robert fan. heh.

  3. Swoon... these are the days that make me happy to be a true Team Switzerland. I never get tired of looking at Taylor all ripped. Darned jailbait!