Monday, March 2, 2009

Rob Plans to Close Himself Off in Preparation for New Moon

Robert Pattinson hid out in a book store in Oregon for a few months before Twilight started filming to get into character; his goal was to come across awkward around people when filming began. Whatever he did worked; he ROCKED Edward Cullen.

My biggest fear with New Moon is that the actors will take the characters for granted. Now that their indie flick has turned multi-continental, is there the spark, the drive, to make the Saga succeed?

Mr. Hunky Spunk is coming through for me. My Park Magazine reports that he really enjoyed being on his own during the filming of Twilight and didn't want to talk to anyone.

Robert told Twilight Singapore: "I did kind of just kept myself to myself. Did I want to speak to anyone... no not really (laughs).

Edward Cullen by chris abigail.

It's quite nice to close yourself away from everything for a long time, it helps a lot with concentration. I'm quite looking forward to doing it for New Moon as well."

Yay! Now we all need to just leave him alone so he can get into his ultra-broody place, sans Natalie Portman and *blech* Paris Hilton.

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