Monday, March 2, 2009

Pattinson Online Gathers Insight Into Rob's How To Be Performance

Pattinson Online staff member, Crystal, went to a screening of How To Be and had the opportunity to interview the film's director, Oliver Irving. Here, she dishes about some of the highlights:

* Rob will have music on How to Be soundtrack
* A method actor, the only thing that has changed about Rob since his recent ascension into the spotlight is his surroundings.
* Crystal says, "I thought it was one of his best performances of his career and I have seen everything except Little Ashes. He is a lot like his character, Art. Every time Art came on screen with the same clothes from the previous day or the cool sunglasses I couldn’t help but laugh."
* The 2 best scenes- The bar scene where Art and his two friends Nikki and Ronnie are drinking is hilarious (The actors were actually quite drunk during the filming, which made the scene even better).
*Another great scene- Art gives himself a pep talk in the mirror. You can really see Rob bring his character to life.

How To Be Trailer from How To Be on Vimeo.

My own musing: I think Rob sees himself more as a bumbling character like the one he plays in How To Be than a picture of perfect immortality such as Edward. Hence his modesty towards screaming fangirls and humbleness towards his hawtness. And THAT is what makes him super hawt. Swoon.

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