Monday, March 2, 2009

Official Twilight Site Reveals Local Midnight DVD Release Parties- yay!

Last week I mentioned that the official Twilight site was revamped.

Take a minute to check back in, because now you can simply enter your zip code and find out where all of the Midnight DVD Release Parties are in your area! No need to individually search Hot Topic, Wal-Mart and Target sites- woo hoo!

Original post:
The Official Twilight Movie Website has a brand-new look!

Now dubbed "The Official DVD Site," Twi-Hards can find:

*A DVD Party Checklist

*On-line invitations

*DVD bonus feature info

and most exciting,

*An entry form to sign up to win a chance to visit the set and even appear in New Moon!

Run like Edward to begin planning today!!

3-d version - twilight dvd cover by cybermelli.

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