Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Confirmation that I don't need shackles and a white padded cell...

Ok, well maybe the shackles. Provided a hawt British boy with bedroom eyes and sex hair accompanies me...

Darn. I did it again. Went to my happy Twilight place while feeding my kid cereal in the other room. Fortunately, I have a backup of over 25,000 members who would agree with and probably have gone to that same place a multitude of times over the past several months.

I'm talking about Twilight Moms, and the Twilight Examiner, again, recognizes the validity of our kind: is a force to be reckoned with. Hosting their own book of the month club, having an unbelievably successful forum, and being featured in such posts as Entertainment Weekly, even Stephenie Meyer herself had to show some love to the Twilight Moms out there. Said she, "It's just so cool that I'm not the only 30+ mom and wife in love with fictional underage vampires and werewolves" about them.

These Twilight Moms don't hold back, either. Traditionally a site for women over the age of 25, the site's forums include many detailed and honest discussions about the book series, the films, the actors, you name it.

Advocates for the series' applicability to a varied and accomplished age range, the Twilight Moms' appreciation of the series for its many adult moments and aspects goes to show how special the series truly is.
Robert Pattinson in Oscar 2009 _12 by MyCine.
Damm you Thank you, Mr. Hunky Spunk, for rekindling the love lives of happily married women across the globe!

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