Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pattinson: "I'm a heartthrob?"

Again with the modesty... swoon.

RPattz talked to MTV news about looking for other roles.

Rob said: "Scripts kind of randomly appeal to me, I'm not looking for a particular genre.

"There's a few things but they're all completely different so... I don't know."

Rob was then asked how he feels about being cast as a heartthrob.

He said: "I'm so surprised that it actually worked out the way it did. I'm not afraid of it (playing a heartthrob) because I don't even know how to play up that aspect so I don't if I could ever be cast in a heartthrob role really apart from Twilight... which I didn't know was a heartthrob role."

Edward and Bella at the Prom by Jacob Blacks Lil' WolfGirl =D.

Ahem. Note to Rob. You, sir, are a heartthrob.

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