Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sex in a picture

Ok, so the one on the lower left is a manip, but still... thanks for the swoon, twilight_hooked!


  1. I hope Mr. Snarky likes this because it is SO becoming the new wallpaper on our computer... I can see it now: "Honey, where's that file I was looking for???" "Oh, just click on Robward's shimmering abs, sweetie..."

    : )

  2. You just killed me with this picture. I. Am. Dead.

  3. Oh my..... MERCY!!!!!!!!

  4. Ok, so you want to kill me. Looking at that? I will gladly die!

  5. Cool painted on abs, Failward

  6. FAWKING HOT!!! Oh by the way the abs may be painted on to define what is under the pale vampire makeup. Friends of mine in the movie industry said not to panic about fake abs,they are probably real, under the makeup.
    I know those oblique muscles (the ones that make V dipping down to his happy place) are real you can see them in side shots that have been taken and those are truly edible!!!!!
    You know even if they are fake hell its the whole package that counts and I'd take that any day.