Sunday, July 19, 2009

Peter Facinelli gives Emma a kiss at Comic-Con UK

Emma at Twilight Treasury was at the UK Comic-Con today- here's a snippet of her day- go to her site to check out the rest!

Kelly and I arrived at Earls Court about an hour before advanced entry at 9am, and got into the queue, which was fun in itself, seeing everyone in their various costumes. Quite a few Alice Cullens turned up and one very authentic looking Edward, in full baseball outfit, complete with bouffant!

9am and the floodgates open, as all the advance entry peeps are let into the convention, us included. We headed over to Peter's table, and caught a sneaky look at him signing the first autographs of the day, we also saw Justin Chon and Alex Meraz, but more on that later.

Due to Peter forgetting his passport, he missed Saturday, so they slotted in an extra photo shoot at 9.30 am. We headed over there and got in line for our photo's. I have never been star struck before, I'm generally pretty OK in those kind of situations, but this time.... I was breathless, shaking and had pretty much regressed back into a teenage fangirl blob!

As you may or may not know, myself and Kelly designed the 'Carlisle's Study' section of Peter's official website, and although he has said thank you via Twitter, we hadn't spoken to him directly about what he thought etc etc. So, when it was my turn to go up for the photo, I walked towards him and said " Hi, I designed your site, along with Kelly, who's up next" at which point he turned to look at me (with his piercing eyes - sigh) and said " You designed the site, Carlisle's Study, thank you so much". It was enough for me that he knew what I meant immediately, but then he KISSED me. Needless to say my face will not be washed for the next year! The kiss, although lovely (made my day if truth be told), also made me disintegrate into a pile of wobbly jelly! My carefully practised smile, which had been perfected infront of a mirror, quickly turned into a maniacal grimace and I let out a little sighy giggle type thing which he probably thought was quite hilarious! And then that was that, he said thank you again and then it was over, and I was left shaking for the next half an hour...

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