Monday, July 27, 2009

Kstew is stressing. . .perhaps a massage is in order?

Some have said our Bella, Kristen Stewart, was "down" at Comic Con. . .albeit in her leather pants and Joan Jett hair style. Maybe she's feeling overworked with no break between New Moon and The Runaways. . .

Well, my fave E!Online reporter, Ted Casablanca, shares some insight into what could be bugging her. . .and what's happening with Robsten! Check it out here
Maybe her leather pants are too tight, putting her panties in a bunch


  1. Schmexy lady - why wasn't she looking that good at Comic Con?!

  2. She's probably run down! Poor girl needs a week off!Just like Rob. They both need to destress, but I think they had some downtime. ;-)

  3. I believe this is one of the most beautiful pictures of KStew I have ever seen! (The face, I don't care how small you are, those pants just aren't flattering)
    I feel bad for all the negative comments I've heard about her appearance at CC. She was filming late into the night and I don't even know if she had slept. The more videos I see of her, the more I like her. After that long day, they were having to pull her out of some of the theaters because she was still signing and doing pics with fans.
    I hope that when Twilight is all said and done, she has a wonderful career, but some down time out of the constant spotlight.

  4. Hey guess what twilight fans! She isn't dating RP! She has been with the same guy sence she did a movie called SPEAK. It was an amazing movie but the book was better. All I can say to you people is that you all need to learn to deal with this.