Friday, July 17, 2009

Is it wrong to find Taylor Jacob H.O.T.??

Ugh... this newly release pic makes me all giddy and swoony inside. rawr.

Is it wrong to feel that way?

Check this interview with Taylor Lautner from and comment- I'll be writing more discussion on the Taylor/Jacob drama in the future and I'd love your thoughts.

You'll find the article HERE along with a HOT video. Ooh, did I just say that about a 17 year old? Darn it!


  1. This spoiler-bunny cannot resist these yummy carrots. Ugh!!!

    And while that picture does not make me question my Team Edward affiliation, it does make me wish he was just a teensy bit older so that I can ogle him with abandon!

  2. When is his birthday? Might it be November 20th, so we don't have to feel dirty and lecherous anymore?

  3. Dang he looks good in the pic! ugh! Still Team Edward...but holy cow!

  4.'s not wrong! [if you have my age..I'm a little little bit younger than him]
    But I'm TEAM-EDWARD!! =P

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    Ps. Do you remember us? The portuguese blog who had the Breaking Dawn BD!! Remember??

  5. Taylor is a cute kid and maybe one day he will be a handsome young man, but I don't think he will ever be Rob Pattinson's equal for pure SEXINESS and HOTNESS.
    Team Edward all the way.

  6. Someday Taylor will break a lot of hearts...if he keeps up that body post-Jacob Black days, he'll be making a lot of women swoon (drool).