Monday, June 22, 2009

Warning; Sit down before watching this sexiness....

Found this on Twitarded, my FAVORITE snarky snark girlies, today, along with this disclaimer:
I need to mention that there is some New Moon footage in this content (both on-set and from the trailer), so if you don't want to go there, you shouldn't watch. For the rest of you, make sure you have a few minutes to be non-functional and to compose yourself after watching, OK? Aaaaaand GO!

Thanks, girls!


  1. I think I could watch that over and over again!

  2. That was freaking funtastic! i'm going to have to watch it again when the kidlets are in bed and quiet..

  3. I luuuurv that video (and I have to give credit to ROBsessed, where I found it)!! I will be watching it daily - quite possibly multiple times daily - every day in the forseeable future.

    squeeeeee... {{{happy sigh}}}

    Thanks for the shout-out!! That one definitely needs to be shared with as many people as possible. To think that there may be Twilight fans out there who haven't seen this makes me sad...

    : )

  4. oh, MY. And I just watched it with no sound because I've got some HARDware issues. ;)

    Thx for sharing!!


    PS: Was the scene in the classroom from NM???