Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Runaway final four confirmed

While Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning have been flitting around at hair salons, photo shoots and voice recording work, the final of the Runaway four has been confirmed.

Reports MTV:

"I'm playing Lita Ford," Alessandra Torresani said of the heavy-metal icon behind such hits as "Kiss Me Deadly" and "Close My Eyes Forever." "She's the most incredible woman. I'm getting to meet her very soon, so that'll be amazing. I'll get to hear all her old stories.

Alessandra Torresani Paley Fest 09a by jfer21.

"There's some kick-ass girls in the movie, right? It's going to be great," laughed Torresani, who we caught up with at Hollywood Life's Young Hollywood Awards. "We've got some good girls in there."

To land the role with director Floria Sigismondi, Torresani said she researched some clips of Ford online. "I also looked at this little documentary about [the Runaways], and then went from there," she explained. "We start [filming] next week. Everything's just coming together right now."

Rounding out the Runaways:
Stella Maeve as Sandy West

Kristen Stewart (donning new hairdo) as Joan Jett

Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie

Here are the official band and singer's websites to get you in the mood!!


  1. I CANNOT WAIT for this movie. The Runaways, Joan, and Lita are so awesome they deserve a movie about what they went through together. I think Kristen will do a great job as Joan. I've been a Joan Jett fan since 1988 and I didn't know who Kristen was when I heard she got the role. So I saw Twilight to see what Kristen was like, and now I'm hooked on all of this too! I love this website. Thanks!

  2. Ah, lady- thanks for stopping by! Don't be a stranger!!