Monday, June 1, 2009

Robward's Mystery Dots Explained consulted movie magic experts to find out the story behind Robwards' mystery black dots:

Expert Mar Elephano, production supervisor foth USC's School of Cinematic Arts animation department explains, "These are markers to help the person who is creating the effect put the diamonds on his body later and it will be composited. When he moves the diamonds stay with him in 3-D space, farther and closer, the shape of the diamond will change depending on how far or close he is when he moves from the camera.

"This CGI can cost $5,000 a second!" Elephano reveals. If last week's shots of Kristen Stewart's Bella running into Edward's arms by a fountain in Montepulciano is about eight seconds long--that's $40,000!

"There is a special effect crew that is assigned specifically to apply these things. They have adhesives, and they are just reflective material. They don't want it to be the same color as his skin, they are the opposite, white skin and dark dots, Elephano said.
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  1. woah...just realized...shouldn't his eyes be black?