Monday, June 1, 2009

Confirmed: Rob's abs of steel are real

Random Things

Radar Online dishes on Rob's toned bod:

Our on-set source says that, despite the special affects abound in the vampire flick, the toned up bod belongs to RPattz and not a computer screen.

"He looks absolutely amazing, and the six-pack is real, so, so very real!" the source says.

Unfortunately, that very real six-pack could be costing New Moon's studio major bucks.

"There was plenty... to look at, but that didn’t stop many fans from blatantly ogling sexy, shirtless Robert," the source says, "That meant they had to re-do the scenes over and over and over again, which was frustrating for everyone involved."


  1. I swear...if those trousers GET any lower....!

  2. Tasha they did get lower in one shot! lol by a half inch!

  3. That man is beautiful....dots and all!

  4. Ab's or not I'll take him home anyday. So in Love with him!

  5. I wouldn't be surprised if they had to add a little shadow to emphasize the abs, especially in contrast with the full-body whiteness, but the side views say it all, those muscles are the real deal. And yummy to boot.