Friday, June 5, 2009

Pillow Biters = Twilight Moonlighter = Love

I am torn.

After I read the Twilight Saga, I couldn't get enough. I started soaking up everything I could find about Twilight and became addicted to the likes of TwiCrack along the way.

As a writer, the natural progression for me was to blog about Twilight. All the time. I still must. It's an addiction
, and if I go too many hours without blogging, I go into twitchy withdrawals. It's not pretty.

But here's the deal. Writing is what I do.

* Blogging about Twilight = puffy heart, sex hair, bedroom eyes, jaw porn Edward love.

* Writing for magazines about the latest foot corn clinical trails = paying the bills.

I had an aha moment. After I named my puffy heart blog, um, Pillow Biters. Which still gives me the giggles every time I say it out loud, btw.
If I could score a couple of gigs writing TWILIGHT for bona fide sources, I'd be set...

So when I got my first *real* gig for, I needed a blogger name. For some crazy reason, Pillow Biter was turned down flat. So I became
the Twilight Moonlighter.

Enter my second gig, Pillow Biter was a go. I was all ready to go live, until some Urban Dictionary savvy person saw my moniker and said, "WTF?!"

Ok, so it didn't go down exactly like that, but, again, Pillow Biter was turned down. Being the super-duper sleuth I am, I saw a pattern emerging. I was forced to do some quick Cliff's Notes soul-searching.

I whipped out my handy dandy pro/con list, to weigh out changing my name in Twi-Bloggy land and, after much sobbing uncontrollably (fortunately thwarted by the official New Moon trailer; I'm distracted by shiny things, after all) obviously, the pros outlisted the cons.

Finally- I can come out of the closet at home. I can blog Twilight for more than pure addiction purposes (which is huge). And most importantly, you all can still call me PB.
If you want. I so love the nickname.

I haven't changed. My blog hasn't changed. I'm still dedicated to bringing you all the sex hair I can find, along with the same newsy tidbits as always.

I just have a smexy new banner, thanks to my FAVS graphics girl of all times who rocks my socks until the cows come home,
open.window, without whom none of this would be possible...

And with that- here's my new deets. Update your records. And keep coming back. I heart you all. For realz. And I'll miss you terribly if you run away:

Site Name: Twilight Moonlighter

Site url:

Twitter name: TwiMoonlighter

My e-mail addy:

Other places I hang out (you may run, but you can't hide!)

Lastly. If you see a "pillow biter," it may or may not be me. But if you see Twilight Moonlighter, you've got the real deal. True story.


  1. Oh Mrs. Pillow,

    I heart you truly! TRULY TRULY! And I am so glad you are able to combine your two passions and makes some cash. You shall not lose this little twitard (gosh I love those girls too!) and I refuse to stop calling you Pillow.

    Funny story, I didn't know what a "pillow biter" was either until I told my husband and my bestest of friends. They both couldn't stop laughing at me. I said, shut your trap! lol

    Adding all the lovely new info now. WOOT!

  2. Yes, you will likely always be PB to me. It's like when you are someone introduces themselves as Patty and then later tell you they prefer to be called Pat and you just can't make the know what I am talking about (this is in fact a true story in the case of my mother-in-law) Perhaps that will make us early followers/worshipers stand out in a special "super secret fan club" kind of way:)

    I completely get the need to change it. In fact, in some ways I am glad as I work for the state and whenever I log on at work (which is naughty in the first place) I always think Big Brother is going to knock on my door--of course, I still do it anyhow because I can't stay away.

    I, too, am thrilled for you (and A LOT jealous) that you are making some cash writing about all this--that is just fanfreakintastic!

    So, Miss Twilight Moonlighter (and you are a moonlighter--I know how late you stay up) I will update everything and be right there with you. You rock!

  3. 1- Ditto. LOL Dh caught me on TwiCrack's site once and thought I was half-crazed. He'd FLIP if he ever saw me on a site called Pillow Biters, esp. with that sexy Edward face. Then for him to find out it was MINE? I'd be died. and not Edward died. No more sneaking around.

    2- Haha- I'll let you know when the cash starts rolling in.. it's mostly for the resume padding...

    3- Miss Pillow, Pillow, PB, or even Miss Moon, I'll answer to them all! xoxo You're too sweet- but that's right- my early bloggy friends are the bestest!

    4- That's right- you've been on my case to get to bed before. I'm the ultimate moonlighter- I was up till 3am getting all this shizz ironed out...

  4. @cuteangiek- the day I found out that it wasn't a cute little Breaking Dawn name- outed by a fellow Twilighter who is savvy in the real world- I flipped. LOL DH can do no more laughing at you now! xoxoxo

  5. aw, the banner looks so pretty up. :) I'm glad I "roc your socks until the cows go home". That made me laugh.

    Just a message to say, I'm still an avid reader of your blog! Its my first stop for twilight news... :D

  6. I'm glad for the clarification. I had to do a double take when I didn't see Pillow Biters on my dashboard, I almost freaked.

  7. @open.window- Really?! You come by here?! I heart you, graphic girl- don't be a stranger!

    @TwiFessions- my worries exactly.

  8. Congrats on the new gigs, PB! Of course you'll always be Pillow in our hearts but we understand this crazy Twilight world doesn't always make sense to those on the outside. Looking forward to reading about the adventures of Ms. Twilight Moonligher!

  9. i will miss pillowbiters intensely!

  10. You know I love it! All of it! Can't get enough of it and your's is the first place I check for it! We heart you out whether you are PB or TML...I'll follow ya anywhere!!! :)

  11. Hey!!! It just means you are getting more successful! You go girl!!!!

  12. Pillow have gone through your full-Vampy transformation to become the Twilight Moonlighter! hehehe.

    you rock. :-)

  13. you will forever me PB to me! angie and i were talking about you changing your name and i said "oh no! now i can't call her PB anymore!" lol but since you will still answer to PB its all good!
    btw, when i say PB in my head i think peanut butter...i dunno! LOL
    i never want to find out what "pillow biter" is in RL! for realz! i love the new name!


    I'm just putting it out there. Read at your own risk. ;)

    I for one never minded the term, because the only thing I think of when I hear pillow biter is Edward Cullen. He makes me want to bite a pillow. or two.

  15. I think you're fabulous no matter what your name is. Thanks for keeping me so entertained. I'm addicted to your site in an obsessive and (mostly) non-stalkerish way. XOXOXOXOX!!!!